The $100 Treatment That Stops Swine Flu and Heart Disease

The $100 Treatment That Stops Swine Flu and Heart Disease

This year, flu season came months early. The government is warning about pandemics. It’s urging vaccinations, which you may know is a bad thing to do. So I wanted to give you more information on how to dramatically reduce your risk of complications from the flu, or other infections. This is knowledge you just won’t hear from your conventional doctor. That’s sad since the information has been present in the mainstream medical literature for decades.

One of the best and most reliable (not to mention the safest) ways to fight any infection is with oxidative medicine. This includes hydrogen peroxide therapy, ozone, and ultraviolet blood irradiation.

Other than oxygen itself, the simplest oxidant is hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), so we’ll start there. H2O2 is simply a water molecule (H-O-H) which carries one extra oxygen atom (H-O-O-H). That atom is held rather loosely and can come off very easily. You can see that happens with your own eyes when you pour your store-bought H2O2 onto a surface where it bubbles. It’s releasing oxygen, and becoming water. That’s how it kills pathogens. Most pathogens are very sensitive to oxidation.

However, oxidation therapy with H2O2 is not topical. It is intravenous. Sadly, the medical mob has conspired to obfuscate the truth of intravenous H2O2. You’ll be told that it is dangerous, that you can get “air” emboli. Nothing could be further from the truth. First, peroxide releases oxygen, not air. And oxygen is soluble in your body’s fluids, and it burns far faster than you would ever receive it. For example, a typical IV of peroxide would release about 25 cc of oxygen gas during the 1.5 hour infusion. You burn up over 125 cc of oxygen gas per minute. It’s impossible for the tiny amount of oxygen to harm you. Furthermore, European doctors, for decades, have been giving up to 50 cc of oxygen gas over mere minutes for allergic conditions. No one has ever had a problem.

But is H2O2 effective against the flu? Let’s look at some history.

In 1918 India, a British physician named Lawrence Oliver was desperate to save lives. The flu was killing millions around the world. He got the bold idea to infuse dilute hydrogen peroxide intravenously into dying victims. The treatment shaved the death rate by 50%. The Lancet published his work in 1920. This was the first hospital use of an intravenous oxidation therapy.

Unfortunately, mainstream medicine didn’t pick up Oliver’s work. It was picked up, however, by my mentor, the late Dr. Charles Farr. He began his work in Oklahoma in the 1980s. Hydrogen peroxide is a critical biochemical intermediary molecule. It’s involved in hundreds, if not thousands, of biochemical functions, especially in your immune system.

Just for starters, your body requires H2O2 to produce thyroid, steroid hormones, cytokines (white blood cell hormones) and for glucose metabolism. It is the actual “bullet” your immune cells produce to shoot and kill pathogens. Every cell in your body carries a pool or reserve of H2O2 for these and other essential purposes.