Dream Interpretation As A Science Of Mental Health And Happiness

My research began when I understood that our dreams should have a meaning, but nothing was certain. Nothing was clear and indubitable.

There was too much to be understood, and then simplified, so that everyone could easily learn the dream language and how to apply this knowledge to their own lives.

Today, after 19 years of discoveries and cures, the scientific method of dream interpretation is perfect and very clear. You have the privilege of learning it in only a few hours and start immediately translating your own dreams.

You will begin translating a few parts of the dream: the known symbols. for more detials:www.fire-itup.com.Then, you will pay attention to the story, and to the general symbolic meaning of the dream.

Everything must be related to the dreamer’s life, since this is one of the most important aspects for a perfect dream translation. If you are analyzing your own dreams, you won’t have difficulties on this point, but when translating other people’s dreams, you may have problems because they won’t feel comfortable revealing the various unpleasant parts of their lives…

Dream interpretation according to the scientific method is a surgical operation inside your brain. The unconscious mind that produces our dreams is a psychiatrist and tries to help us preserve our mental health.

If you learn the dream language and you follow the wise guidance of the unconscious mind, you will find happiness in life, developing your intelligence and sensitivity.

Your dreams won’t have the confused image they have now to your ignorant eyes. You will look at the dream scenes understanding their messages.

For example, let’s say that you see a dream in which you are eating olives and then you see a snake appearing in the kitchen. You’ll immediately understand that you have to be flexible and smart, instead of sticking, which is symbolized by the olives you eat: this means that you must become more “oily”, in other words, accept reality with elasticity, instead of insisting on your old points of view. for visit detials:–www.82-money-pocket.com.And you have to do that without a doubt, because if you don’t, you will suffer a lot until you change.

The snake represents a painful experience that will correct a mistake, and in the end will have a positive meaning in your life, but if you can avoid having to pass through painful experiences in order to learn your lessons, this will be much better for you.

Be smart and “oily”, so that you won’t have to be transformed through pain. The kitchen represents a place of transformation, because in the kitchen you cook: you transform the fresh vegetables and the raw meat into hot food. The food you prepare represents your actions.

So, the general message of this small dream is exactly that: “be careful, because if you aren’t smart and get accordingly adapted to the conditions of your life, and if you don’t pay attention to your actions, you’ll have to pass through painful situations”.

As you can observe, this small dream has already given you important information. Imagine now how much you can learn and understand when you translate long and complex dreams, and when you relate a series of dreams, one to the other: you have a complete image of your life, your problems, your mistakes and the steps you must take to start solving and correcting everything.

The dream messages give you warnings, helping you avoid what is bad and prepare the future results you desire, besides transforming your personality: you become mature, self-confident, optimistic, calm, and wise. Your advantages are so many that you cannot help but feel superior and happy!

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to exactly translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.