The Tip To Be Acne-free Even When You Have Sugar In Your Daily Diet

Sugar is the first thing you should avoid in your acne-free diet; it is a foe for your general health. The severity of acne differs from every individual. Cutting down your sugar intake definitely would helps, for your acne, as well as your general health. There’s a myth that says about chocolates causing acne is because of the high sugar level in chocolates. Chocolates on its own does not cause acne, but high amount of sugar level and the tiny amount of caffeine in chocolate is the one that cause acne. Sugar is the main cause for many cases of acne!

So how does sugar cause your acne? One of the acne causes is hormonal imbalance. When you large amount of sugar, your BSL (blood sugar level) will rise. As your BSL goes up, your body will produce a hormones called insulin naturally, which would control your BSL. Due to the fact that insulin is a hormone, an increase in insulin production numbers means an increase in your hormones production numbers, and that will cause hormonal imbalance.

The trick to be able to have a sweet tooth without suffering from acne’s agony is to be shrewd whenever you have sugar in your diet. You have learned earlier that an increment in BSL will cause an increment in insulin level. Since insulin is a hormone, a rapid increase in a short span of time would cause an extreme change in hormones level. In another word, can I say that if I take in small amount of sugar at different time intervals equally, the rate of insulin production would be reduced to a large extend?


Thus, for those who suffer from acne and also like sugary food, it is possible to still take in sugar, but remember, don’t take in large quantity of sugar in a short span of time. Always try to spread your sugar intake over a time period. If you do that, chances are acne will not hit you as frequent as taking in high sugar amount at one go.