Acne Cortisone Injection Preferred Option To Heal Those Monstrous Acne Quickly

Eruption of acne is always an embarrassing situation. But acne types like cysts and nodules are more worrisome as these are large acne lesions about 5mm or more in diameter. They are deep within the skin and are thus sometimes cannot be cured with topical treatment. In certain cases, cysts and nodules can take long time to healweeks or even months. And if you leave them untreated, can ultimately cause a scar.
Moreover, if you have a big event around the corner like engagement or wedding or any other special occasion, but unluckily a monstrous cyst or nodule erupted on your face, Acne cortisone injection may be a way to quickly reduce swelling and heal the lesion. A cortisone injection can also help reduce scarring.
Now lets see what exactly cortisone is? It is a natural chemical which is released in our bodies in response to inflammation. But sometimes, the cortisone produced by our body is somewhat short acting however, and often does not produce the quick healing that is desired. In such scenario, cortisone is sometimes injected directly into an area of inflammation. Cortisone is a corticosteroid, a steroid hormone which is produced in the adrenal gland. Cortisone is often referred to as a “steroid”, but should not be confused with “anabolic steroids” which are drugs used for increased strength and muscle size and come with a plethora of harmful side effects.
Acne cortisone injection is quit effective in treating the large acne lesions and it can considerably lessen the inflammation and fasten the healing process. Particularly with cystic acne lesions, healing generally starts immediately. If we talk about the side effects of cortisone shot, then most notably a cortisone injection can create atrophy of the fatty tissue adjoining the injected area. The injection area can end up looking sunken or depressed. This atrophy is not permanent, but can take many months to come back to normal.
Sometimes, a cortisone shot can also be a bit painful, but your doctor can use a local anesthetic to numb the area before the shot if desired. As cortisone is naturally released in the body, thus the risk of allergy and any severe side effects are minor. Other side effects are also rare but may include temporary pain, and hypopigmentation (white spot) at the site of injection in dark skinned individuals.
And also remember that this treatment is not as extraordinary as a magic wand, but may be the next best thing to quickly reduce inflammation and heal the breakout in just a few days. This is generally done in the dermatologists office. It is not essential you only use acne cortisone injection for special occasions; you can opt for it as per your convenience and need. If you desire to magically make them disappear, feel free to make an appointment with our dermatologist or doctor at Brentwood Dermatology for injections on an as-needed basis.