Respiratory Problem and Treatments

This has become an area of concern for those who suffer from respiratory problems. The size of the average dust particle is 10 micrometers or less. This small size particle can remain airborne for days or even weeks, depending on the wind conditions. Because of the particle’s small size, it has the ability of entering the respiratory system of people. This is the reason for concern. This small, but hard particle can damage the lungs and cause long term respiratory problems.This has become a significant source of concern from the State of Idaho all the way down to New Mexico. Because of this, cities like Albuquerque have developed reports that can help people and companies reduce this problem in their area.

Lobelia consists of various alkaloids, a bitter glycoside (lobelacrin), a pungent volatile oil (lobelianin), resin, gum, chelidonic acid and fats. The alkaloid lobeline is its main ingredient and namesake. Others include lobelidine, lobelanine, nor-lobelaine, lobelanidine, nor-lobelanidine, and isolobenine, as well as fourteen pyridine alkaloids.Lobeline works much like nicotine in its effect on the central nervous system but without the addictive properties. In fact, it is a main ingredient of many quit smoking treatments. Lobeline acts as a relaxant overall and is used to treat spastic colon and muscle problems. It also dilates the bronchioles, thereby increasing respiration and helping the lungs.

Instead, ionic purification technology relies on the use of electrostatic plates to apply charge to the pollutants in the atmosphere of the home. When the charged particles pass through the unit, they are electrostatically attracted to collector blades inside the unit. Then the indoor pollutants can be simply wiped off the collection blades for easy disposal of the contaminants.Another difference between the ionic purification technology and the typical HEPA ones is that these units do not depend on fans to circulate the air, but instead use the electrostatic technology to pull air through the device.This allows the air purifiers to operate virtually in silence. They can run continuously without adding to the noise level in the home and consequently, cause no interference with sleep.

Sneezing in and of itself is not inherently bad. Inhaling a little dust here or particle there can cause us all to sneeze. However if you suspect an irritant is responsible for the sneezing be sure to rule out bedding allergies. Many types of commonly sold guinea pig bedding can cause problems such as soft wood and hay that has gathered dust. Consider changing the bedding to a recommended type of bedding like Timothy hay, careFresh, or crown pellet bedding. Avoid known problematic bedding like pine or cedar shavings. Also note that known safe bedding such as corn cob bedding can easily grow mold so make sure you are keeping the cage area clean and sticking to a routine of cleaning once per week. If the sneezing persists after switching out bedding and cleaning your guinea pigs’ cage please have this checked by a professional.

A number of Brachcyephalic dogs will end up suffering from a problem called “stenotic nares,” which is a scientific way of saying small nostrils. As one might expect, having irregularly small nostrils will make it very, very difficult to breathe for a dog. “Tracheal stenosis” is a similar problem in that the trachea is too narrow for air to pass through easily. In the most severe cases of both of these problems, the dog will require surgery to widen the breathing cavities.

Another symptom attributed primarily to Brachycephalic dogs is the soft palate being elongated. The Soft palate is what separates the mouth from the nose in the back of the throat, and when it is too long it can hang down and block the travel of air. This will cause more audible breathing sounds, such as snorts or snores. Over time you should adjust to the constant snorts and will even grow to love them. Many people find their Boston Terriers breathing endearing.


If any cold virus affects your function, it’s obvious that other dangerous kinds of breathing disease might affect the daily tasks and activities. For instant, breathing allergy might be very much irritating where you might not go near things containing allergens. You’ve to consider that you may be allergic to many things. Normally, people having respiratory allergies are very allergic to pollen grains, and cat and dog hair having dander. People having respiratory allergies should take many precautions as allergy attacks might come any time if they’re exposed to some allergens.

Another respiratory illness is named bronchitis. It’s a respiratory disorder in which inflammation of the bronchi takes place. Many people who have this illness are those who are cigarette or habitual tobacco smokers. Also, people residing in cities with loads of air pollution affected too. There are 2 ways of classifying bronchitis, one is chronic bronchitis while the other one is acute. Chronic bronchitis is a long-term illness which is accompanied by its symptoms like persistent coughing which produces sputum.