Mental Steps For Self-development

Our mind is the greatest asset that we carry in our physical body. It is both an engine and an engineer that drives us. As it can make you, on one hand, the richest person in the world, on the other hand, it can hinder your every progress and hold you backing such a way that you just dont get anything out of life and remain poor.

By rich, I mean, rich in health, wealth both physical and mental, knowledge and wisdom etc. And by poor, I mean, poor in these same respects as well.

One can, however, eradicate the mental blockades by proper education, training and practice. Here are seven simple mental steps that can free you from any sort of mental blockade.

1)Learn Learn properly. Whatever you intend to be, have, or do, you need to have an education. And often than not, our basic education remains full of potholes which makes our life-track irregular and bumpy. Just have a look at the so-called Certified Educated mob that is emerging everyday now-a-days. What is their state? How good are they with their Bookish Knowledge? The successful among them do have something extra. Get that extra.

2)Be focused on Keep your focus on. The environment is such that it is very easy to get distracted. Distraction is caused both by greed and frustration. There are so many provocations and temptations around with so much promises that greed, rather than desire, easily creeps in. Stay away from such provocations. Control your temptation. Say to yourself, I must have some quality before acquiring a certain desired thing. Now, what quality have I got? Build the quality first and then go for the goals. And have belief in this statement. Watch a soccer match. Suppose you wish to be soccer player and want to play for Manchester United. Now, can you just go out one day, get into the field in Man.U. shirts and play quality soccer? Can you give a pass to Ronaldo or Roonie to score? Can you score from a Ronaldo cross? The goal is the netted 3 piece goalpost which is the target for all soccer players. Do you know how many years of life and how much time each day these players WASTE in order to become top target hitter? So stay focused on and avoid temptation.

3)Dont Quit The other reason for distraction is frustration. It is when we quit without getting anything back of our initial investments. Now-a-days, we want & love to reap the result before putting in the best of us i.e. by little effort. Generally, the results dont come as we hope. And easily we get frustrated. And the obvious result is we quit. Quitting a job makes you idle. And who doesnt know that the idle brain is the devils workshop. So dont quit. If you are getting the results you have hoped for, then there must be something wrong with or about you. Find it out and correct it.

4)Do the Job What job are you in? Insignificant, isnt it? A job is a job just as both rice and bread are foods, or a cotton shirt or a jeans-jacket are dresses. Do the job cordially and with conviction. Do not complain. If you complain, you are not liable to reap the rewards that you expect. If you cant like your job, then why go into it on the first case? And if you have nowhere to go, then what is the point about complaining? Love your job just as you love your food or love your holiday destination. That will bring out more productivity from you. And, after all, what do you need most for high rewards high productivity, isnt it?

5)Dont expect reward Rewards are not asked for, they are given. If you expect a reward for everything, it is a temptation that will distract you from focus, from your goals. Do not expect reward at each and everything that you do. Rewards will come accordingly. If the job is executed well, the rewards will be well-bestowed. Shift your mind from expecting rewards to executing the job at hand in the most appropriate and proficient manner. Rewards will come. To every cause, there is an effect. If the Cause perfects its role well, the Effect will do the same and accordingly.

6)Cherish your job Do the job in a loving way and cherish it. Enjoy doing what you are doing, considering that you are doing the best thing in the world. Believe that you are the best in your job. Then stand up and deliver. Who knows, you might come up with most bizarre, an awe-inspiring thing! Most often than not, that had been the case with most of the vibrant, famous and successful men. Go through history and youll get a heap of names with such stories.

7)Dont count money The most amazing and extra-ordinary truth about money is that, it always counts less when it is counted. Counting reduces your store of money. Why do we count? In order to satisfy ourselves that it has at least remained the same if not has increased. Even Della counted it three times and each time it was $1.87 (The Gift of the Magi). So money is not to be counted, money is to be weighed. Weigh it until it feels heavier than what you have hoped for. Ok, I give you a task. Do this sincerely. Start charting your normal daily expenses from day 1 of a given month daily. Youll be amazed to see how your average monthly expenditure will rise. And you wont find a clue to it. Do this exercise for a trial. Then stop counting.

Best of Luck!