Heart Disease Natural Home Remedy With Omega-3 Fatty Acids And Diet

It is widely recognized that the omega-3 fatty acids, DHA, EPA and ALA, are vital nutrients. Medical literature contains volumes of research data that underscore the advantages of omega-3 fatty acids as a natural home remedy for preventing and combating heart disease. Omega-3s have demonstrated their ability to lower pulse pressure, improve the regulation of blood pressure, improve levels of lipids, reduce inflammation, prevent the accumulation of arterial plaque and lower the possibility of sudden death by heart attack. Because of these proven advantages, the American Heart Association suggests having two servings of fatty fish each week. However, this is not the healthiest method for getting our omega-3 dose.

Are Fish the Best Source of Omega-3s?

The first thing to consider is that fish, especially fatty fish, are contaminated with mercury and dioxin. This is so problematic that pregnant women are advised not to eat fish in order to prevent damage to the baby’s brain from mercury poisoning. Fish are high in cholesterol (cholesterol comes only from animal products). Many persons experience problems in digesting oils from fish because they easily become rancid and have an unpleasant fishy taste. Fish oils that have been purified are one solution to this. However, the elevated demand for fish oils is putting our ocean fish at risk. An excellent alternative to fish oil is flax seed oil and it is plant based. Supplemental algae-based DHA is yet another option. Both of these omega-3 sources offer one of the best natural home remedies for heart disease.

Omega-3s Are More Than a Natural Heart Disease Remedy – These Are Some of the Additional Advantages:

1. They are essential for nursing and pregnant women as well as children to promote healthy fetal and childhood vision and brain development.

2. A number of studies on animals have demonstrated that omega-3s have curative and preventative effect on Parkinson’s disease.

3. The occurrence of depression is reduced.

4. Memory is improved and risk of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia is decreased.

Some Things You Can Do To Get Enough Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Due to the fact that a limited quantity of ALA is converted to EPA and even a smaller amount to DHA, one can take a DHA supplement that is derived from algae. Include plant derived sources of omega-3s in your diet such as ground flax seeds, cold pressed flax seed oil, walnuts, hempseeds and chia seeds. You can add one tablespoon of ground flaxseeds to your diet every day.

Heart Disease and Inflammation

It has been shown by medical research that the cause of most heart attacks is not from hardened plaque deposits. Heart attacks are caused by inflammation throughout the vascular system. Small pustules form and erupt which, in turn, cause a clot which then breaks loose causing the heart attack. Omega-3 fatty acids have been shown to have a significant anti-inflammatory effect throughout the body including the cardio-vascular system. The ultimate cure and prevention of heart disease is diet. A plant based diet which avoids processed foods such as oil, sugar and white flour, will actually reverse heart disease. A number of studies have demonstrated this including work by Dr. Dean Ornish and Dr. John McDougall – both are MDs. For more information on curing and preventing heart disease with diet and other natural home remedies go to Heart Disease Natural Home Remedies.

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