Tips To Remove Acne Scars Through Potatoes

Pimples give problem to both young teens and adults. There is no doubt regarding this matter. However, experiencing the after effect of acne is even more crucial that having acne itself. Acne scars take a longer time to heal than acne to dry. Some scars are even deep that they are very visible in the eyes. There are some remedies that you can really use in healing your acne. However, it is still necessary to clear your face from the blemishes left by the acne. It is possible to remove your acne scar the natural way. Using any harsh chemicals for scars can even trigger for some acne to get back to your skin. Good thing is that potatoes can help you keep from scars. It can be your Acne Treatment at home.

Why Should I Use Potato?

Potatoes are high in sulphur, chlorine and potassium. These contents are really helpful when you need to clear or make a scar less visible. It is also rich with Vitamin C which is a good source of anti-oxidant. Another reason why you should use potatoes is that its very cheap and it wont harm your skin so there will be no loss at all in trying. Since it is natural, you are quite sure that it is safe and it wont trigger anything to grow in your skin.

What Should I do to Potato?

You dont need a lot of potatoes. One will do, actually. Here are some tips on what you are going to do with potato.

1. First thing that you can do is the easiest way. Grind or blend a piece of potato and put it on your face. Grinding or blending it will let more of the content be on your face.

2. Another thing is that you can have the grinded potato with a little amount of sugar that will keep your face moist.

Additional Tips

1. Use fresh potatoes.

2. Let the potato be on your skin for an hour then rinse it with lukewarm water.

However, if your acne scars are that deep, there is a more effective Acne Treatment you can use.