The Best Way To Treat Acne Nodules

If you are looking out for a way to treat acne nodules, you may have a tough time searching for the right treatment option. Acne nodules are also commonly known as cystic acne. They are hard, pus-filled lesions that are developed under the skin. Common medications, such as salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide have not been very effective in healing the same. Besides that, since the problem occurs deep inside the skin, you will also need a highly experienced skin care specialist. Otherwise, you may end up having deeper infections or scarring. Following is a brief rundown on how to find an effective treatment for this condition.

Get The Condition Diagnosed
In order to treat acne nodules, the first thing that you have to do is to visit an expert dermatologist and get the condition examined thoroughly. All acne nodules are not same. Based on the diagnosis, the dermatologist will be able to suggest you the right type of treatment procedure.

Accutane can be a good medication in this regard. It is considered as a powerful oral acne medication that can be very effective. However, despite its popularity, you are strongly recommended to take this medicine only after your dermatologist prescribes it for you because it can have serious side effects in some cases. Your practitioner understands your condition better than you and he/she is the right person to suggest whats best for you.

Chemical Peel
You may also like to try chemical peel to treat acne nodules. It can be a glycolic acid or an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) peel, which must be performed only at a highly experienced skin care specialist. If performed in a proper way, this therapy can prove to be very effective in revealing healthy skin while blistering the acne-ridden skin.

Cortisone Injection
Your dermatologist may also prescribe an on-the-spot injection known as cortisone injection to treat acne nodules. The best thing about this injection is that it produces fast results. It quickly heals the lesion by destroying bacteria, as it is injected directly into the nodule. However, this therapy is recommended only to those individuals who are suffering from just one or two acne nodules. If your face is full of it, you may have to take dozens off injections, which will not only be painful, but you will also be at the risk of having deeper injuries and other side effects.

Nodules Draining
In some cases, the dermatologist may also try to get your nodules drained. However, you should opt for this method to treat acne nodules only if all other methods have failed to produce effective results. In this treatment procedure, the dermatologist cuts open the nodule and then get the bacteria and pus drained. It will take at least a week or two get the lesions healed thoroughly.

Regardless of whichever treatment options you are considering opting for, you are strongly recommended to talk to your dermatologist first. Besides that, you should also take good care during and after the treatment. For example, in order to treat acne nodules, you should stay out of the sun as much as possible. Moreover, moisturizing your skin daily is also important.