Lip Eczema

Lip eczema is associated with the medical terms atopic dermatitis and cheilitis exploliativa or exfoliative cheilitis. Eczema that is present on the lips falls under the atopic dermatitis category which means that there is a part of the skin that has reddish patches and is typically tender and infected. Like any other type of this particular skin disorder, lip eczema gives a person the urgency to scratch the affected area thus, creating sore and blistered spots on the lips.

Exfoliative cheilitis, on the other hand, is a more particular attribute to lip eczema wherein the lips has the tendency to be so dry that crusts form over them. In this specific instance, the person is more likely to peel off the parched skin on their lips. This condition of the lips takes place repeatedly over a lengthy span of time making it such a distressing situation to be in. Aside from physical and emotional stress, a person’s appetite is also affected.

Time to Seek Some Valuable Help It is bewildering that no matter how advanced the scientific and medical world is right now, there is still no established cure for lip eczema. There are, nonetheless, various alternative treatments that work to diminish and taper the symptoms of eczema preventing the onset from getting increasingly worse. Mild cases of lip eczema are controllable through the use of trusted OTC’s or over the counter medicine. For serious cases, one will need a dermatologist’s prescription to be able to purchase the required medications. Recommended OTC’s and prescribed medicine for lip eczema may include:

Antihistamines Lip eczema can be so irritating and scratchy, making the situation unbearable. Antihistamines are suggested to counteract histamine, an allergen. This is also a sleep inducer so it is best taken at night. Antihistamines cause the muscles to relax. When this happens, rubbing or scratching the affected surface is minimized.

Hydrocortisone Ointments and creams containing 1% hydrocortisone lessen itching of swollen lips. This also aids in reducing soreness. Application is done after a regular bath. This corticosteroid is mild in nature and is thinly spread over the damaged area.

Antibiotic Medication Once the lips are parched, the skin tends to break leaving small cuts that may be sensitive to bacteria. Unprotected as it is, the lips are vulnerable to other germs or microorganisms. Antibiotic medications act right away to remedy the predicament by directly eradicating the infectious bacteria.

On Using Hypoallergenic Skin Care Products When purchasing skin care products especially if you are prone to lip eczema, you have to be cautious in finding the right moisturizer, lip balm, lip cream, facial soap and body lotion. It pays to examine the label. Hypoallergenic brands are said to minimize allergic reactions. They do not include chemicals or elements that are harsh. Gentle products for skin care are suggested if a person is prone to skin disorders like lip eczema.

Finally, keeping the body hydrated each day by taking in eight to ten glasses of fresh and safe drinking water is a must. Learning to cope with the risks of skin problems is doable for as long as we are armed with the right information.

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