Acne and Teenagers

If you are a teenager with acne, you are definitely not alone.

Here are some recent statistics regarding teenagers, adults, and acne:

* 3 out of 4 teenagers will get acne.

* 90 – 95% of teenagers will have some form of acne in their teen years and into their early 20’s.

* Almost all people will have some type of acne starting either in their teens, or in later years, as adults.

Acne is a condition that alot of teenagers are dealing with, and it needs to be understood.

The good news is that acne can be treated – with conventional methods, such as antibiotics, medications, chemical peels, and laser treatments, and also with natural methods such as diet, herbs, vitamin supplements and naturally based cleansers.

The not so good news is that some teens with acne lose their self confidence and become withdrawn and anti-social. Some become so pre-occupied with how they look that the mirror takes up too much of their time and they purposely miss out on social gatherings with their friends. Some feel they will be treated differently and looked down upon, and opt to stay home as much as possible. Some even get depressed and start failing in school, thinking that the acne will never go away and they are doomed to be an outcast. This is faulty thinking and there is no need for it !!!

As stated above, acne can be treated in a variety of ways and every teenager with acne needs to discuss treatment options with their doctor, or if desired, a dermatologist.

A Few Things To Remember That Will Help:

* Get Enough Sleep – Sleep allows the body to heal and helps the body’s defense systems to function properly.

* Drink Enough Water – At Least 8 glasses per day – water flushes the system of impurities.

* Watch Your Diet – What you eat can either help or hurt you. Studies have shown that teenagers with acne should avoid: hot, spicy foods, high-fat foods, alcohol of any kind, coffee, “junk foods”, too much sugar, and anything fried.

* Don’t Stress Out – about acne, or anything else. Stress causes acne to get worse. If you tend to get stressed easily – try Yoga and meditation, which are very relaxing to both body and mind.

* Get Enough Exercise – Exercise makes sweat which expels toxins from the body. Exercise also allows oxygenated blood to nourish your skin cells, and, as an added bonus – it keeps your mood up.

* Don’t Irritate Acne – By touching or squeezing the blemishes. This will inflame the acne and make it worse…

* Use Noncomedogenic products – Noncomedogenic products won’t cause skin pores to get blocked, making it less likely for acne to develop. Look for the word “noncomedogenic” on the labels of all hair and skin products.

* For More Information On Acne Treatments For Teenagers and Adults Visit The FREE Acne Help and Information Website at: FREE ACNE INFORMATION

Gastric Cancer – Global Drug Forecasts And Treatment Analysis To 2020 Volume I 2011

GlobalData analysis finds that the global gastric cancer therapeutics market is attractive, and is primarily driven by the growth in the number of patients receiving gastric cancer therapy and the annual cost of therapy. The patient volume is primarily driven by an increase in patient volume in countries such as China, France, Spain and Italy. The patient volume was driven by growth in treatment usage patterns such as diseased population, treatment seeking population, diagnosis population and prescription population. The annual cost of gastric cancer therapy was driven by the launch of new therapies such as Taxotere (docetaxel), Xeloda (capecitabine) and Herceptin (trastuzumab).

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There is no standard care for gastric cancer. The treatment of gastric cancer is largely based on the treatment guidelines of different countries. Very few drugs are actually approved for gastric cancer, although many drugs are recommended for use
in treatment. Taxotere is approved as a first line therapy in gastric cancer. The introduction of new therapies for metastatic gastric cancer is expected to expand the market further.

In 2010, Japan was the leading market in the global gastric cancer therapeutics market with an estimated market share of approximately 24.7%. China was the second leading market with 17% market share. The US is the third largest gastric cancer market with a 15% market share. Japan and China lead the market due to a large patient base.

In 2010, Taxotere was the leading drug with approximate sales worth $170m and a market share of 30%. Herceptin, which was launched in the US and EU in 2010, is expected to gain market share in the forecast period 2010-2020.

GlobalData, the industry analysis specialist, has released its new report, Gastric Cancer – Global Drug Forecasts and Treatment Analysis to 2020 Volume I 2011. The report is an essential source of information and analysis on the global gastric cancer therapeutics market. The report provides comprehensive information on gastric cancer, highlighting the treatment guidelines. It identifies and analyses the key trends shaping and driving the global gastric cancer therapeutics market. It analyses the treatment usage patterns in the global gastric cancer therapeutics market. The report also provides insights into the competitive landscape and the emerging players expected to significantly alter the positions of the existing market leaders. The report provides valuable insights into the pipeline products within the global gastric cancer sector. It quantifies the unmet need in the global gastric cancer therapeutics market as well as in the individual markets such as the US and the top five countries in Europe, highlighting the opportunity for future players

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Europe: +44 207 753 4299
+44 1204 543 533
Asia Pacific: +91 40 6616 6782

A Token Of Support Those With Breast Cancer Will Appreciate

In 2007, there were more than 185,000 women and almost 2,000 men who were diagnosed with breast cancer. Worse, there were almost 50,000 women and 350+ men who died because of the disease. Indeed, breast cancer is one of the deadliest diseases in the world today. Breast cancer survivors and patients are also the people that need the most support, whether youre a loved one or even a stranger.

How to Show You Care

You dont need to spend hundreds or even thousands just to show that youre doing something to show you care and that you do support their cause. Even the simplest ways can already make a change. You can start with the following:

1. Celebrate Breast Cancer Month. October is set to be Breast Cancer Month, where the entire month is peppered with different activities that aim to provide awareness about the disease. You can opt to join the celebration of renewed life by being present during festivities, talks or symposiums. You can enjoy such things as a most eligible bachelor date auction where the funds that are raised from the even are used to further cure research.

2. Walk 60 miles. For 3 days, everyone is invited to walk 20 miles every day, in different cities all over the United States. The purpose of the walk is to educate people and the media about breast cancer, as well as to raise funds for various objectives of the organization. The money that will be raised can be used for outreach programs in such places where breast cancer is rampant. Many participants have found it easy to raise up wards of $2,000. Whats more, you can keep yourself healthy, as walking is known to be one of the best exercises.

5. Light a virtual candle. Is someone you know currently suffering from the disease? Would you like to send your well-wishes and give her strength and peace? You can light and send a virtual candle over the internet at places like The Center for Healing Arts Light A Candle to show the person support. It will definitely cost you nothing, except a few moments of your time and you can send it directly to her inbox, so you can brighten the persons day. A cheery little message or thought of solidarity with the candle will be greatly appreciated. It will not remove the illness, but it will definitely give your friend more courage to face each day, as she battles it out with breast cancer.

3. Volunteer. Surely, there are breast cancer organizations within your area, and you can apply as a volunteer. You will be the one to hand out flyers and other informative materials during campaign drives. You will be trained to conduct workshops and seminars for breast cancer awareness, or your help may be needed when there are outreach programs and services that need to be conducted. If you have sufficient educational background, you can even help in the research of the best cures and treatment for it. Being a volunteer doesnt have to take all your time. You can spend as little as 1 to 4 hours for the cause.

4. Wear a pink ribbon. Pink is the color that is associated with breast cancer, and wearing the color means that you are in total support for the programs that are being upheld by breast cancer organizations. Pink could also mean shirts, watches, wristbands, to go with your ribbon, which you can wear proudly near your heart, especially during the Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Sulforaphane, A Compound Found In Broccoli With Potent Anti-cancer.

Chemical name: (R)-1-isothiocyanate-4-methyl-butane sulfonyl

Sulforaphane is a compound with antioxidant properties and is capable of stimulating detoxifying enzymes present in the body, and thus a potent preventive agent against cancer. Phytochemical belonging to the family of isothiocyanates, compounds that contain sulfur. It occurs in plants attached to a sugar molecule, the glicosinato sulfarafano (glucorafanina). Only after eating the sulfarafano will be released by an enzyme called myrosinase, and can be found on plants in the family Brassicaceae (Cruciferae) such as broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, kale (Brassica oleracea) and Chinese cabbage (B . rapa). However the greatest concentration of Sulforaphane is present in shoots of broccoli (Brassica oleracea L. var. Italica).

Many epidemiological studies, supported by in vitro and in vivo (Gasper et al., 2006), have been reported associated with the potential to reduce the risk of various cancers by substances contained in vegetables. Among its constituents are the fibers, micronutrients, phytochemicals such as carotenoids, phenols, isoflavones and isothiocyanates that have anti cancer activity (Steinmetz & Potter, 1991). These substances induce detoxifying enzymes, oxidative agents, which inhibit malignant mutations, stimulate immunity and regulate the cell cycle (Liu, 2004). Other studies indicate a positive correlation between consumption of cruciferous vegetables and a reduction of some types of cancer such as Hodgkin’s lymphoma, liver, prostate, cervical, ovarian, lung and gastrointestinal tract (Lund, 2003, Nagle et al., 2003; Murillo & Mehta, 2001). Oral administration of Sulforaphane inhibited or delayed carcinogenesis in breast cancer (Zhang et al., 1994), colon (Chung et al., 2000), rectum (Seow, 2002), stomach (Fahey et al., 2002) and lung (Hecht, 2000).

Recent research has indicated that the use of certain compound in the diet act as quimioproteo (Chung et al., 2000, Shapiro et al., 2001, Chiao et al., 2002), such as isothiocyanates, which have promising evidence in the reduction of cancer prostate cancer (Brooks et al., 2001, Chiao et al. 2002; Kristal & Lampe, 2002, Wang et al., 2004, Srivastava et al., 2003, Xiao et al., 2003, Singh et al. 2005 ) and breast cancer (Ambrosone et al., 2004, Jackson & Singletary, 2004). According to research conducted by Singh et al. (2004), Sulforaphane and highly effective in reducing or preventing the risk of cancer induced by carcinogen in animal models. It is able to inhibit or delay carcinogenesis caused by smoking (Hecht, 2000). The Sulforaphane has been shown to be effective against oxidative damage on skin cells in the retinal pigment cells and leukemia (Gao et al. 2001; Fimognari et al. 2002; Misiewicz et al., 2003), has antibacterial activity against Helicobacter pylori ( Fahey et al., 2002), anti-inflammatory activity (Heiss et al., 2001), and against skin cancer caused by exposure to sunlight (Gills, et al., 2003). Ritz et al. (2007), have shown the beneficial effects of Sulforaphane on reducing the toxicity caused by diesel.

After the breakdown of tissue glucosinolates are hydrolyzed by the enzyme contained in the plant, myrosinase, to an unstable aglycone that rearranges in isothiocyanate or nitrile derivatives. When cooked, the enzyme myrosinase can be denatured, resulting in the ingestion of intact glucosinolates, yet the isothiocyanate still appears in the urine. Depending on how the broccoli is processed, sulforaphane can be absorbed by the stomach, intestine or colon after passive diffusion epithelial cells is rapidly conjugated with glutathione and transported to the bloodstream (Conaway et al., 2000).

Marcelo Rigotti.

Agronomist, Dsc. Agronomy.

Know More About Heart Disease And Its Treatment Options

Heart is considered as the most important part of body. The heart muscle umps blood, oxygen and other vital nutrients to all part of the body. An impediment in this pumping mechanism can lead to vital parts of our body like brain and kidneys being negatively affected. And this can lead to heart ailments that can definitely affect your lifestyle. Heart disease is a serious illness that takes a person in surprise. There are loads of symptoms and signs that portray the beginning of these ailments.

Symptoms of heart disease

Chest pain
Uneven beating of the heart
Shortness of breath

Factors that contributes an ailing heart are

High cholesterol
Life style risk factors

Among different types of coronary cardiac ailments coronary artery disease is the most common. To avoid such severe ailment there are different types of coronary artery disease treatment are available. Usually when the arteries get blocked due to plaques, heart fails to pump blood in the entire body. This can lead to heart attacks or strokes.

Treatments options available to overcome this situation are

Bypass or surgery

At times one might face shortness of breath even while taking rest anyone facing this symptom should immediately consult with a cardiologist. This can lead to a condition called heart failure. It is a condition when the heart muscle fails to pumps blood as they become weak. There are different types of coronary artery disease symptoms; they seem to develop slowly but certain time it is seen there is sudden leading to heart failure and other heart problems.

Some Symptoms that shows failure of heart are

Shortness of breath
Weight gain
Decreased urines production

There are different types of heart failure treatment options available nowadays that can help one to stay healthy and live much longer life. The factors that can contribute to treatment of the patients having heart that is unable to pump blood and oxygen into the entire body.

Factors that are responsible are

Change in lifestyle

One needs to have a healthy diet with low sodium and fat. Aside this there is many surgical treatments that can be adopted by a cardiac surgeon to cure heart defects. If the condition is not too severe then by having medication you can get relief from these awful ailments.

We live in a society that places enormous value on the ability to recover rapidly after a medical intervention to return to a normal life style. Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery techniques have truly revolutionized the way our patients perceive their surgical experience and their heart surgery recovery. Singapore offers the most effective medical care in the world. Some of the most sought after treatments facilities that one can get here is orthopedic surgery, cardiac surgeries, neurology and neuro surgery. Are you suffering from severe cardiac problems and looking forward for a good cardiologist in Singapore then get in touch with Dr. Lim Ing Haan a leading consultant cardiologist known for cardiac surgery in Singapore. She is known for her treatments regarding heart and vascular diseases. So if you want to avoid any unnecessary consequences, its better you take precautions.

Natural Supplements Boost Our Health and Immunity

Supplements developed by scientists in the laboratory are state-of-the-art formulations that carry nutrients that the human body needs. These natural health products are high grade and of the purest quality making them very potent indeed. They are especially prepared by companies for public consumption.

Nutritional supplements are available over the counter and as days go by, more and more are opting to use them not just to maintain their health but as a cure for certain illnesses as well. These products gain the patronage of many consumers since they facilitate the immune response and promote homeostasis. There are of course skeptics who do not believe in them but users can already attest to the effectiveness of these natural supplements.

Proven effective

It is the responsibility of the manufacturers to make sure that they use only the finest ingredients. Before they are released to the public, they need to be certified and validated by the appropriate regulatory bodies. Once proven by the health and nutrition board that these products are safe and effective, they are released and made available to everyone.

When we get sick we are prescribed antibiotics by our doctors. These are synthetic products designed to cure various diseases. But before modern pharmaceutical products became available, humankind relied on substances found in nature to cure them of their illness. Using vitamin products and other health supplements is just like going back to nature and letting her healing powers resolve our health issues.

The advantages of natural over synthetic

Synthetic medications have the elements that cure various diseases but they are also composed of possibly harmful chemicals. They are designed to work fast but the downside is that they may cause damage in the long term.

Now, there are natural alternatives available from any vitamin shop that provides great protection from infections without the potential adverse reactions. And natural remedies may be the more effective treatment agents because they are better at treating the source of the problem. Synthetic meds may be effective at resolving symptoms but not the origins of the disease.

Paradigm Shift

The shift to alternative heath products from pharmaceuticals is the trend these days, and more and more companies are joining into the fray. The demand is high and there is enough for everyone.

All the product lines in the market today are made from the highest quality ingredients. And some companies even make it a point to support local organic farmers. Organic farming has low environmental impact and the ingredients used by health supplement companies come from organic sources. Another reason why natural supplements have become rather popular is that they are made from earthy friendly components.

Health products without harmful agents are the more popular choice these days. You are protecting your body from additional harm and getting more nutrition than is usually available. It pays to consider the benefits that you can get from these supplements, and if you have the extra resources, you can sample a few and find out for yourselves the positive health changes in store for you and your whole family.

How To Save Money On Dental Implants – Get It Done In Mexico

How to Save Money on Dental Implants – Get it Done in Mexico –
by Mark Shapiro

How does your smile look? Not so good? Are your bridges failing or your teeth becoming loose? Are you already missing teeth? Has your regular dentist or periodontist recommended that you consider getting dental implants?

That happens to lots of people as they get older especially if they have periodontal disease. Many are on the edge of losing all of their teeth. This means either get used to wearing uncomfortable dentures or deciding to get implants.

The decision to get dental implants can be confusing however. Even though all dental professionals may agree the patient needs dental implants, each dentist, oral surgeon or periodontist has their own treatment approach. Some prefer to do a whole set of dental implants while others recommend just doing two or three implants and then using those new teeth as a base for a bridge. In addition, there is a lot of debate regarding “Immediate Loading” or installing a temporary bridge so that the patient has “teeth” right after the dental implant surgery instead of using dentures for six to eight months until the implants heal.

Unfortunately most dental insurance policies do not cover dental implants. This is beginning to change but what this means for most people, is that they end up paying for the procedures out of their own pocket.

So where can you get affordable quality dental work done that is reliable, safe and hygienic? You may have heard the term “Dental Tourism”? Many foreign countries offer dental work at prices far below those costs offered in the US.

Depending on where you live in the US, a good option is getting your work done in Mexico. You can either drive or fly and make it a dental vacation. In cities all along the border, Mexican dentists offer their services. Because overhead and labor costs are much lower in Mexico, it is possible for a Mexican dental professional to offer costs that are 40-60% lower than in the US.

The level of education, training and experience varies among dentists who perform dental implants. Even if you need a basic dental implant treatment, you need to do your research and find a competent Implant Dentist. Be aware that you get what you pay for The cheapest work is often not the best. You should find a dental professional who specializes in dental implants.

But what about quality and experience?

According to Dr. Alvarez-Carrera of the Dental Implants Center ( in Tijuana, Mexico, “It is important to ask a lot of questions about the training and experience of the doctor who is actually doing the work.”

You need to ask:
What type of training did you get? Formal 3 year specialty, or just weekend seminars?
How long have you been doing implants?
How many implants have you done?
How often do you place or restore implants?
What is your success rate?

Thousands of dental professionals on both sides of the border are now jumping on the dental implant bandwagon as a way to bolster their office’s income. However, they are not required to complete much training. In fact, many dentists (in the US as well as in Mexico and other countries) may have only completed a weekend seminar offered by an implant product manufacturer. That’s all they need to do implants. They do not need any serious training, additional certification or professional education.

However, this is a highly technical and sensitive surgical and prosthetic treatment which requires a high level of expertise.

There are risks for dental implants if not done correctly. These include local and systemic infection, nerve injury and the possibly that there might be inadvertent perforation of the nasal sinus. These can be serious life threatening complications.

Dr Alvarez-Carrera explained that he has been doing implants for 25 years- from the early days of Implant technology. He has successfully completed treatments on thousands of implant patients with over a 99% success rate. That’s very good.. He graduated from a formal postgraduate 3 year specialty training in Oral Implantology at the Dental School at Loma Linda University in California and is currently an Assistant Professor there, teaching new dental professionals how to correctly do implants.

As part of my initial research, I checked some of the dental industry blogs and was amazed by how many dentists there were who were having problems with implants due to lack of proper training. You might want to check a few of these out so you can ask educated questions.

To prevent something going wrong or to avoid experiencing serious complications, patients should only use a dental implant specialist with years of experience and extensive training and certification. Also, if possible, check their credentials and talk to a few happy patients.

If you are considering dental implants, you need to find someone with surgical and prosthetic implant experience – especially if you have severe periodontal disease or if you need multiple implants.

For more information about dental work and dental implants, check out Dr. Alvarez-Carrera of the Dental Implants Center ( You can call them at (619) 202-0233 or toll free at 1(888)287-9169, or E-mail: [emailprotected] .

You can also follow Dr. Alvarez-Carrera at FaceBook and at YouTube


Rigid Member Dangers – The Real Health Risks of Priapism

What man hasn’t, on occasion, wished for a never-ending woody that can last for hours upon hours? Well, as the old adage goes, be careful what you wish for. This dream condition, known as priapism, does in fact become a reality for some men, but for those who have experienced priapism, it often turns out to be more of a nightmare than a dream come true. Learn more about this painful and potentially dangerous condition, what to do if it happens, and how to keep the male organ healthy.

Pria-what now?

Priapism is the medical name for a condition in which a man has a boner that has been persistent and will not go away for 4 to 6 hours or more – in the absence of any type of stimulation. Meaning, a guy is just chillin’ on his couch — not doing anything – with a woody that won’t quit. Not as fun or pleasant as it may sound, priapism causes painful swelling and can permanently damage the tissue of the male organ if not treated quickly; thus, a trip to the ER is usually needed to return the male organ to a soft state. The condition all but stops proper circulation to the male organ; after several hours, this can damage the tiny blood vessels and capillaries that supply the male organ with oxygen and nutrients. Because the damage can be irreversible, the man who does not seek medical help can suffer numerous serious health problems:

1. Permanent loss of function;

2. Impotence;

3. Gangrene – a condition which is fortunately very rare, but could ultimately lead to a penectomy, or complete surgical removal of the male organ.

What causes priapism?

There are two types of priapism that are caused by different situations. Low-flow priapism simply occurs when blood enters the male organ and becomes trapped in the male organ and cannot flow back out. There is no known cause for this condition, and it can happen in an otherwise healthy man; however, it is more likely to occur in men who have sickle-cell anemia. The other type of priapism, known as high-flow priapism, is much more rare and is caused by a ruptured artery somewhere in a guy’s undercarriage. It may have ruptured in the male organ itself, or in the perineum; this obstruction causes the blood to stay in the male organ, rather than returning to circulation.

There are a few other conditions that have been linked to priapism, though again, there is no one clear cause. These may include certain cancers, medications – including some that treat male dysfunction, pelvic injury, spinal cord trauma, a venomous bite from a black widow spider, carbon monoxide poisoning and use of some illicit substances.

How is it treated?

That depends on what the doctor determines the cause is, which is why a man should not attempt to self-diagnose and treat this rare condition on his own. A doctor may recommend ice packs to reduce swelling, removal of blood from the male organ via a needle, a shunt, an injection of medication into the male organ, or even surgery – in the case of a ruptured artery.

Keeping the male organ healthy

While there is no clear-cut reason as to why a man may become inflicted with this painful problem, and therefore no specific prevention, there are things he can do to keep his male organ healthy overall and hopefully minimize his chances of encountering the issue. Exercising regularly will keep the circulation flowing to the entire body, therefore keeping those teeny blood vessels healthy and functioning properly. Having regular physicals with a doctor to get the undercarriage checked out may also help spot areas of concern before they become a big problem. Finally, stepping up the daily male organ hygiene routine will help keep the manhood strong and healthy. Simply applying a male organ health cream (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) directly to the male organ after a shower will deliver important nutrients directly to the male organ where it is needed most. A vitamin-packed cream can help improve circulation and erectile functioning while enhancing sensitivity to the entire manhood.

Visit for more information about treating common male organ health problems, including soreness, redness and loss of male organ sensation. John Dugan is a professional writer who specializes in men’s health issues and is an ongoing contributing writer to numerous online web sites.

How To Cure Eczema On Eyelids

It’s really no coincident that eyelid eczema is so common among eczema sufferers. It has to do with the fact that the skin near the eyes is just so incredibly thin and fragile.

See, symptoms of eczema has a tendency to manifest wherever the skin is weaker than other places. That is why it occur on the inner side of the elbows, and on the inner side of the knees, and any other areas where the skin is flexural or fragile.

There should be no doubt at all that eyelid dermatitis is a terrible symptom of eczema. But, in this article I will explain a little about the reason why eczema symptoms commonly break out on the eyelids, close to the eyes themselves, as well as other places with stretching or sensitive skin.

The reason for this is actually fairly simple and straightforward. Eczema symptoms appear when your body needs to purge an overload of poisons via the the sweat.

These toxins are naturally expelled via the sweat similar to all other toxins all through your day. The only variation is the extent of the toxins being purged. In cases of eyelid eczema and eczema problems in general, the quantity of poisons is so large that it hurts the skin.

It’s not a coincident that eczema outbreaks appear kind of just like a chemical burn. The chemical poisons your system is desperately trying to expel actually burns the outer layers of the skin away in the process. This is what eczema really is..

When it comes to eczema on the eyelids it’s exactly the same phenomenon as with any other varieties of eczema. As it appears around the eyes, it is called eyelid eczema.

Then, what is the reason why eczema outbreaks generally appear where the skin is fragile and sensitive? There is a very logical explanation for this also. Hope you’re still hanging in there. Toxins are expelled all over the body both day and night. However, the areas where your skin is most fragile will naturally suffer the eczema symptoms first because the skin is more easily “burned” on these places.

Ok so, now you know. That’s the explanation of why eyelid dermatitis appears so often when you suffer from dermatitis in general. You should know that you will find treatment for eczema that are known to work for a lot of others.


Learn the reason why you are afflicted by skin eczema, and ways to best survive your eczema condition. And learn about a new promising cure for eczema.

Check out these eczema on eyelids guidelines and have a glance at these eczema photos .

Three Easy Things That A Bodybuilder Must Do To Prevent Heart Disease


FISH OIL THE ARTERIAL CLEANER Fish Oil is the first powerhouse in keeping the bodybuilder safe from heart disease. Many bodybuilders that use illegal anabolic steroids, but even standard natural bodybuilders should consider supplements that will spare them the heart disease associated with higher blood pressure. Anabolic steroids could possibly alter lipid profiles, so it is even more important for people using steroids to maintain safe lipid levels and blood pressure. Fish Oil contains two main ingredients; DHA and EPA. These omega-3 fatty acids docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) have a multitude of health benefits for the bodybuilder specifically, including increased fat burning and improved sugar metabolism, which are good for obvious reasons. In addition, EPA and DHA decrease the effect of genes involved in fat storage which helps maintain lean mass while bulking. They also down-regulate genes involved in inflammation, which is an important marker of long term health. In fact I also take a baby aspirin per day to keep the damaging effects of inflammation at bay. EPA/DHA have been shown to reduce the risk of stroke and sudden death along with improving blood lipid profiles by increasing the beneficial HDL cholesterol and slightly reducing the damaging LDL cholesterol. All of these things are great for the bodybuilder who is using steroids/prosteroids and important for bodybuilders of any variety that want to maintain maximum health and vitality. Fish oil is a great source for anti-inflammatory prostaglandins and is implicated in the reduction of bowel disorders and cancer of the bowel, which is of importance to anyone who is concerned about health. Colon cancer is a very common form of cancer that affects millions of people. Fish oil causes a reduction in platelet aggregation and stickiness which reduces arterial inflammation is good for everyone, including the bodybuilder, but especially one who takes anabolic steroids or the pro-steroids found on the market (which are steroids by the way). Finally, fish oil have been shown to reduce liver tumor metastasis and formation, which is a good thing for people that chronically take anabolic steroids. I take 4-6 fish oil capsules per day in divided doses as a way to increase the positive effects of a healthy diet and keep blood lipids in check.

MAGNESIUM: THE COFACTOR FOR HEART HEALTH MAY MAKE CREATINE PERFORM BETTER Magnesium is a very important mineral that is almost lost in our refined and cleaned water supply. This simple mineral has the power to save lives and increase the effectiveness of your creatine supplements and it is cheap and available in safe over the counter supplements! So why arent we taking Magnesium? Low magnesium has been linked to increased risks for sudden death, high blood pressure, type II diabetes and cardiovascular disease. The average American is not even close to the lowest RDA dose of 420mg. Remember the RDA is the ABSOUTE MINIMUM needed to prevent diseases, not the OPTIMAL dose. I take 1000mg of Magnesium Oxide per day as a way to supplement my diet. Unless you eat a diet VERY high in vegetables, you are probably running on the low side of magnesium. Running low on minerals is like running your car with only 1 quart of oil in it. It might still get you around, but your chances of failure are higher than if you dont run ar optimal fluid levels! With magnesium being so inexpensive, you cant afford to miss this crucial mineral in your supplement plan. (oh, plan on getting a bottle for your mom & dad if you want to help them prevent heart disease and type II diabetes…I have a bottle for mom and dad). Good magnesium intake is associated with improved insulin sensitivity, optimal lipoprotein levels, suppression of abnormal heart rhythms, reduced blood pressure, headache relief, and improved exercise capability. Magnesium can also augment your use of creatine by helping the cells take in more creatine via increased membrane permeability and osmotic factors. Magnesium can also reduce lactic acid in the cells, making it essential prior to a heavy training session if you want to squeeze the most out of each workout. Magnesium is very hard to get in the diet, so dont skimp on the MgO!

WHY BODYBUILDERS SHOULD GIVE BLOOD! Bloodbanks are often low in this country and it is a great idea to give blood, it could help save your life and the lives of many people in need, but is there more benefit to giving blood other than doing the public good? Yes, it seems that giving blood for men could also save your life lessen the effects of the bodybuilding lifestyle. Men have a higher incidence of heart disease and congestive heart failure than women and one of the possible causes is the higher blood iron levels found in men. Giving blood at least once a year is a way to reduce these harmful levels of blood iron. Bodybuilders specifically have a tendency to have high blood iron levels due to their consumption of meat products as a way to get increased protein. One of the reason for mens version of multi-vitamins is the difference in need for iron between men and women. You will find many of the mens formulas do not contain iron supplementations due to the implications on heart disease. Men and women with a genetic abnormality that have slightly higher iron levels were found to have over two times as much chance of developing cardiovascular disease. Also, a Finnish study showed that men who give blood at least once a year had an 88% reduced risk of heart attacks. With bodybuilders relying on lean red meat to supply increased protein, the need to give blood is even more substantial! There is no negative to donating blood and the potential health benefits could be amazing! So, take advantage of your local blood drive to do yourself and your community some good! Tell your friends and family to do themselves a favor and donate blood at least once a year to maintain good heart health! One last positive benefit of giving blood is that you are screened for almost every blood born pathogen which is a positive side benefit!

This article does not constitute medical advice. Check with your physician before starting any supplement program.

Copyright Eric Marchewitz 2007

Copyright (c) 2007 LG Sciences