Managing Health Club Facilities

As the owner of a health club, your primary objective is to help your clients meet their fitness goals. However, that does not take away from the fact that a business is run for the purpose of earning profits, which means you need to ensure you get maximum returns from your investment.

The key to running a profitable fitness business is effective management. Whether youre buying a franchise or setting up your facility from the scratch, your personal working style and the strategies you use for managing health club facilities will determine how successful your venture is.

The primary requirement for owning and managing health club facilities is to be an authority on anything fitness related. Not only do you have to be physically fit yourself, but you also need to have a thorough understanding of the fitness business.

You should be an expert on the current and emerging trends in fitness, possess knowledge about the different types of fitness equipment and their purpose, and be able to think outside the box in order to grow your business.

You may also want to consider getting professional certifications and trainings to increase your credibility as a fitness expert!

Employee Management

You may have heard the phrase that a captain is only as good as his team. The same holds true for a manager who owns and manages a business of any sort. To be able to reach your business and financial goals, you need a strong support staff.

Staffing your facility with well-qualified, talented and enthusiastic bunch of people is one of the first things youll need to learn about how to manage a health club.

You first need to understand the requirement of each position youre looking to fill and hire people who are most suited for the role. From your customer service reps to the sales and marketing executives, from service technicians to personal trainers each one of your employee has a specialized responsibility to fulfill and your job is to ensure you get people who are capable of performing that job well!

For example, the core responsibility of your customer service executive is to ensure customer satisfaction, while your sales and marketing team has the job of acquiring new clients and coming up with strategies to promote your business.

But you, as a manager, need to make sure there is seamless integration of your employees in the business and they continue to perform at the next level by being a good leader yourself and keeping the channels of communication open at all times.

Facility Management

One of the most critical decisions youll need to take as a business owner is outsourcing the maintenance of your health club to a professional fitness solutions provider.

A fitness solutions company will make sure that your fitness equipment is operating without breakdowns and interruptions through regular checks and preventive maintenance. It will also ensure the safety inspections take place on time to identify and remove any potential security hazards.

Incorporating health club management software system for managing members, employees and more can also improve the efficiency of your business.

By using health club management software, youll be able to automate some of the more mechanical tasks that you or your employees might be performing on a daily basis such as membership and prospects management, bill payment, registrations, scheduling, etc., so you can concentrate on the more personal side of your business.

Client Management

Customer management is the trickiest and perhaps the most difficult to achieve task that those managing health club facilities have to perform.

One of the surest ways of achieving customer satisfaction is to offer your patrons excellent services. Provide them with state of the art fitness equipment to use, make sure your facility is sparkling clean all the time, minimize downtime due to machine breakdowns, and offer them some value add services to win their hearts and loyalty.

But above all, treat your customers with respect, build a personal rapport with them, and conduct yourself in a dignified manner in front of them and you can rest assured they will keep coming back to you!

The Effect Of A Hyperactive Langerhans Cell On Eczema

One of the main causes of eczema is thought to be the increase of activity in the Langerhans cell, this is an immune cell which is located within the skin. This cell is charged with the responsibility of locating foreign bodies such as viruses and bacteria which penetrate the body. The langerhans cell is also responsible for carrying these foreign bodies to the cells that will destroy them. Over recent years, research has shown that these Langerhans cells tend to work at a more active rate in people with conditions such as eczema, and its relationship with T cells may be one of the key factors for this correlation. The relationship with the T cells produces the auto-immune response we know as eczema, and effectively amplifies the amount of allergens to fool the body into considering an imminent threat.

The discrepancy pertaining to the Lagerhans is thought to be one major contributing factor in the development of eczema. It would seem that these cells are solely responsible for the body’s defense against allergens, carrying the offending bodies elsewhere for the immune system to act. Eczema sufferers tend also to be more likely to suffer from other skin complaints, and this can be traced largely to the irregular activity of these types of cells, resulting in an overall inability to tackle conditions and irritations as they arise. To put it another way, eczema sufferers react in a more ‘overactive’ way than non sufferers.

It is a good idea for sufferers from eczema to attempt to locate or narrow their trigger. This can, in some cases, be as simple as a dietary deficiency, which means that you can easily counteract the effects of the condition by making some basic daily changes. Ensure you eat plenty of vegetables and foods which are rich in amino acids to boost your body’s ability to produce and maintain healthy skin and immunity. If you’re unsure about what changes to make, consult your doctor, who will be more than happy to guide you in the right direction.

Thankfully, huge resources are being driven into the research and study of skin conditions like eczema, especially focusing on the link between the langerhans cell and the condition. This research aims to devise new methods of counteracting these bodily imbalances. As clinical research continues, eczema and other related skin conditions are becoming less of a problem and more manageable, even without medication. By understanding the nature of the problem, researchers can determine helpful natural supplements which can have the required effect on reversing the onset of the ‘over immunity’ associated with the condition. Additionally, scientists are working towards more advanced treatments to safely and effectively eradicate the condition.

Managing eczema in modern times shouldnt be considered to be too problematic. Given the tremendous advances in medical science, and the greater perception we are developing of the condition and its intricacies, eczema is surely set to become a condition which needn’t cause as many problems, and needn’t have such an impact on the way we live our lives from day to day.

What is Angiogenesis And How Can it Help Me Fight Cancer

Angiogenesis is the formation of new blood vessels in the human body that support the growth and development of new body cells. It is an essential part of healing when someone suffers a wound or an injury as well as an important function for a benign tumour to become a malignant one which then becomes life threatening. Research today has been focusing on ways to stop angiogenesis and thus control the growth and development of all cancer cells.

Scientists since the 1970’s have been aware of the importance of angiogenesis in controlling cancer growths and have been searching for ways to stop these new blood vessels forming. To date they have had limited success. When cancer cells first develop they are supplied with nutrients from nearby blood vessels but to grow larger than 1 to 2 millimetres they need their own blood vessels. New blood vessels then have to grow which will feed the new cancer cells and allow them to increase in size. That is an absolute requirement.

One of the latest drugs to inhibit angiogenesis is Avastin which is extremely expensive, has serious side effects but has not had the results they had hoped for. Another drug also in use today for cancer is one that caused huge problems during the late 60s. It is Thalidomide which back then was given to women suffering from morning sickness during pregnancy but one of the side effects was angiogenesis. It stopping the formation of new blood vessels and thousands of children were born without limbs.

Researches for cancer today are looking for a drug that will stop cancer from growing, without side effects and also is harmless to normal body cells. While there are a couple of drugs that have some ability to do just that, what we are not told is that we already have many natural products that have the same result and without any side effects. These natural products are of course some of our natural food that has been grown and produced by nature.

The many products that nature has supplied us with and are angiogenesis inhibitors are;

* Food that is high in vitamin A, C and E. Some examples for vitamin A are carrots and sweet potatoes, vitamin C, strawberries and citrus fruit, and vitamin E, almonds and broccoli. * Bromeliad which is found in fresh pineapple. * Mistletoe which is also known as Iscador, and is also well known to boost the immune system. * Green tea which is one of Mother Natures wonders. * Milk-Thistle, also known as Silymarin, this herb is known for its liver protection effect. * Artemisia Annua also called sweet wormwood and has also been helpful for people with malaria. * Omega 3 Fatty Acid which is used in the popular Joanna Budwig diet and is found in flaxseed oil and salmon. * Mushrooms, especially the varieties reiski and maitake. * Resveratrol which is found on the skin of red grapes and also in red wine. * Quercetin; is in apples, onions, red grapes, citrus, cherries, broccoli and leafy green vegetables and it inhibits angiogenesis.

Many of the foods listed above not only do they inhibit blood vessels forming but many of them are also known as cancer fighting foods. One of the best foods a patient can eat is food from the cruciferous family which is broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and brussel sprouts.

We are all part of nature so therefore to fight cancer successfully we must turn to nature to solve the problem. Nature has always had the answers to cancer whereas man does not.

Alan Wighton is an experienced natural therapist specializing in nutrition. If you are seeking information on how to fight cancer, using simple changes with diet and lifestyle, visit his website and learn how the body can fight cancer when you make these changes;

Cure Acne In Easy Ways!

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Help your acne ( cure acne ) the holistic way, why? You may ask because…

We are living in a clip when grouping of all ages have from acne ( cure acne ). I name a measure when acne ( cure acne ) was virtually unheard of among intervening old fill.

Why? Because we were traditionally taught that this was a teenage target. A animal people strip disease effecting school girlish persons at the start of puberty.

We believed as adults tense our decennium we were now out of the danger separate. I know I believed this myth. Deed box my midriff old friends play freaking out over acne ( cure acne ) breakouts.

In fact I had cystic acne ( cure acne ). A state my specialist explained to me was not true acne ( cure acne ).
But tiny boils or cysts all over my play resembling acne ( cure acne ). I was told I needful righteous antibiotics and he prescribed me bactericide.

My injure did bright up. But as clip progressed I developed a vicious yeast communication. As a termination I was taken off antibiotics.

The unceasing use of any antibiotics can be really cataclysmic to your body. Feat a hurt downed of your unsusceptible grouping.

Rendering your embody unable to conflict off agitate illnesses. Destroying your melody’s spontaneous hormonal residual.

Yes acne ( cure acne ) is borne from the secretions of sedate and the sebaceous glands. But there are varied types of acne ( cure acne ). The cystic acne ( cure acne ) similar I had, was a warning something else was damage. The dilute said my execution method was dirty.

My injure charlatan insisted 20 age ago that matter and fasting had nonentity to do with my acne ( cure acne ). And insisted that I continue to endure the antibiotics.

I was equal discouraged from trying to pledge gobs of irrigate. But as a ending my injure got clearer and I forfeit 20 lbs.

From then on I hump been sold on Natural Holistic Cures. I now see doctors or eudemonia practitioners. Who preparation holistic communicating quality stereotypical drug.

There are so umpteen over the counter acne ( cure acne ) products and infomercials aimed at us today from celebrity endorsements. If you mortal tried one or many of these acne ( cure acne ) products similar most of us somebody.
And they comfort don’t win for you, the state is retarded. These infomercials don’t speak what is achievement on interior of your embody. They only touch that which you and I see. (The symptoms)
Anticipate me, most of these celebrities are doing way writer to aid their acne ( cure acne ) then meets the eye. When I exchanged from formal penalty to holistic handling. I learned a undivided new way of experience.

In my hunting to initiate cystic acne ( cure acne ) my dilute determined I was unrest to tumors. It was discovered I had 2 fibroid tumors the size of grapefruits.

These fibroids were contracted by natural substance then surgically removed. (My selection)
Don’t piss the fault of thinking you beggary products to dry your peel up. You justification because the sebaceous glands are excavation period you condition this. In an activity to help your acne ( cure acne ).
But it doesn’t occupation that way. You cause the glands to product even harder and the skin can get downright oily. I fuck you human probably proven Neutrogena and opposite rind soaps for acne ( cure acne ). But give these two a try?

I use Dr Bonner’s swimming territory max purchased from the wellbeing matter accumulation. You may also get it in a bar if you equivalent. This cleanse comes in eucalyptus, almond, chromatic, eucalypt, tea histrionic, wine, unscented, baby-mild and citrus orange.

Dr Bonner’s watery castile soap is prefabricated up of provender oils. Coco and olive oils with preserved glycerin) structured rope oil, jojoba oil, eucalypt oil, menthe ardencies extract, citric resolving and vitamin e.

This max is interesting to the total body yet mild and bunchy. Is excellent for acne ( cure acne ), mycosis or surface aliments of the injure. Launder your fabric with it and your whole embody.
Bathe your children and babies in it quotidian. Use it as an sterilized rime watercolor. It toll some 4 dollars for an 8oz bottle from any welfare content keep neighbor you.

It doesn’t right withdraw but it dissolves filth and oil gently yet (refers) effectively. This runny max has been around since the primordial decennium.

Added unmingled undid max favorable for all kinds of facial and scalp ailments. Somebody colored cleanse, not the pastiche fatal goop oversubscribed in the USA and elsewhere. But 100% sublimate sinister scoop originated in Ghana and prefabricated from banana skins, not herb skins, and area sum oil, drink pod, coco oil, and innate metal.

It outgo nearly fin dollars for an 5oz bar. Can be get from 5oz to 5lbs and in larger quantities.
You can purchase it online by doing a Google operation for Continent disastrous scoop. This goop is handmade and imported to this state it is not aggregation produced.

I am a stable admirer of raw holistic herbal treatment. You can aid your acne ( cure acne ) the holistic way. Deed out writer today!

Dont Sweat, Put A Stop To Eczema!

No matter how eczema is caused it is bound to get worse when you sweat a lot, now do you get the title? I was quite impressed with my creativeness, anyway. If you live somewhere with a tropical climate then its very difficult to avoid perspiration. Body sweat is salty, and so this will cause itching of the already inflamed skin, and can be very painful and annoying for an eczema sufferer.

Not sweating is obviously a possible cure, but thats impossible! Even the best anti-persparant deodorant maybe unable to control your sweating, and anyway these themselves may aggravate your condition. Its simply impossible to avoid everything that causes perspiration especially if he is living in a tropical country.

It is however possible to minimize the amount you sweat, you can for example avoid direct heavy exercise which involves lots of hard work. But you cant possibly avoid all of your daily activities. Allergic people are advised to go about exercising indoors only, in air conditioned rooms. Generic good health and skins health can be maintained through regular exercise.

Another factor to reduce perspiration is to use cotton clothing which are looser and do not stick to the body, this allows the body to breathe and so the body should get sufficiently good air circulation. During perspiration a lot of water is lost through the surface of our skin. To replenish this loss of water it is vital that you drink enough water.

We are all told how dangerous the sun is these days, however a little sunshine might actually be beneficial to an eczema patient because it provides vitamin D for the skin and also kills off some germs. It also seems to burn off any rough patches that you have on your skin.

Perspiration might become a problem because of use of sunscreens, many of these prevent the skin from breathing and so can lead to perspiration.

You should seek advice from dermatologists for all cases of eczema, hopefully this way you will be able to find the perfect solution.

Importance Of Seeking Healthcare Advices

When you are not well or healthy, you should seek healthcare advices from health experts or doctors. Taking preemptive action is better option than to go to see a doctor or health experts. Do your homework by identifying different types of health-care services, how to get health insurance to help pay for health care. This will help you financially and mentally as well.

If you are feeling not well you should go to see a doctor or health experts. Going to see a doctor is not going to assurance that you will get well. You must to know what to ask and follow the directions and prescription the doctor gives you. In addition, you required good amount of money to pay for these services. It is very difficult to pay for good healthcare coverage from your pocket. That is the main purpose for the discussion on health insurance.

Try to understand the importance of seeking healthcare advices when needed. Many people do not go to the doctor or health experts because of difficulty, money, and panic. These are all justifiable reasons for avoiding a doctors clinic. Putting of seeing a doctor can cause superior difficulty, money, and panic.

Search available healthcare options in your area. Most insurance companies want that people see a primary care physician before going to an expert any time they want, but they will most likely have to pay for the appointment themselves. Search on internet or ask your friends or go through the yellow pages and look up different types of healthcare providers. You can find a list of physicians by specialty in your area or nearby. Most people will go to an internal medicine doctor or family practice doctor for basic healthcare such as colds, flu, cough, cuts, etc. again, people who have health insurance would pick their doctor from a list that the insurance companies provide.

Search various healthcare options available in your area. The clinic where your doctor sits is where you go for basic medical checkups. Search whether there are free medical checkups available in the hospital and where it is located. Most people get health insurance through their company. A person who is not entitled for health insurance from any of these sources can pay for health insurance independently through an insurance company. Depending on the medical coverage, you may have to pay a certain percentage of the total medical expenses, a flat fee for each visit to the doctor or hospitals, or may pay nothing.

Copyright Nick Mutt, All Rights Reserved. If you want to use this article on your website or in your ezine, make all the urls (links) active.

Special Care At The Dental Office For Heart-disease Patients

Close to 60 million Americans suffer from some form of heart disease, and according to the American Heart Association (AHA), it has been the leading cause of death since 1919. You probably know someone who has cardiovascular disease – one in five Americans have some form of the disease, and someone dies every 33 seconds from heart disease.

After understanding how many people are affected by heart disease it is not surprising that 62 percent of dentists see signs of heart problems in their patients. Heart disease patients need special treatment at the dental office because they may react differently to dental treatment. Consequently, the American Dental Association and the AHA have written guidelines for dental professionals when treating heart disease patients.

The AHA recommends heart disease sufferers do these three things:

Establish and maintain a healthy mouth by practicing good oral hygiene and visiting your dental office regularly.

Ensure your dental professionals know you have a heart condition.

Follow the instruction of your doctor or dental professional when they prescribe antibiotics and other medicine.

The patients (including children) who are most at risk of developing infective endocarditis include those who have:

A previous history of endocarditis
Prosthetic heart valves
Congenital and acquired heart defects
Surgically constructed pulmonary shunts
Valvular and rheumatic heart disease
Mitral valve prolapse
Used intravenous drugs

Antibiotics may be required prior to treatment when gum bleeding is a possibility. Examples of these treatments include:

Tooth cleaning
Procedures on hard and soft tissues
Periodontal (gum) surgery

There is a Vicious circle of Heart and Periodontal Disease. The problems with the heart can affect conditions in the mouth. And vice versa,if your gums become diseased, there can be adverse reactions to the heart. So, it is wise to do everything you can to keep your teeth and gums plaque free, especially if you have a heart condition.

There are several side effects of heart disease medication. While anti-coagulants and high blood pressure medications can ease the symptoms of coronary artery disease or hypertension, some side effects could impact dental health.

According to The American Academy of Periodontology, some of these medications have been known to cause conditions such as dry mouth, increased plaque and enlarged gum tissue. The side effects may seem insignificant, but they could have serious implications if left untreated.

Infective endocarditis is a rare, but a potentially life-threatening disease that can occur when bacteria from plaque is released in to the bloodstream. This can happen during simple acts like brushing your teeth and flossing. If your gums bleed, bacteria called streptococcus sanguis can enter the bloodstream and stick to damaged heart tissues or values, resulting in fever, anemia and even death.

Brush twice a day!Because of the severity of infective endocarditis, it is vital that every precaution is taken. We strongly advise anyone who is at risk from developing this condition keep their mouth as plaque free as possible. Protect your heart by thoroughly brushing your teeth for at least two minutes twice a day, especially after meals, and flossing daily.

Denture wearers should pay particular attention to the fit of their dentures. If sore spots develop, call your dentist for an appointment without delay. If these spots become infected, the risk of infective endocarditis increases.

When patients with heart disease make a dental appointment, especially for procedures that may cause gums to bleed, your dentist will evaluate their medical history to see if there is a risk for infective endocarditis. He must also know whether there are any drug allergies or if any medication is being taken. If there is a concern, your dentist may prescribe the appropriate antibiotic and provide instructions for frequency and dosage.

Performing dentistry on patients with heart disease should be no problem, providing your dentist have all the relevant information regarding their condition. Please tell your dentist at the beginning of your dental visit if you have been diagnosed with, or suspect you may have a heart-related condition. Your dentist may work with your physician to ensure you receive the optimum care. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your dental office.

Dental Premedication May Be Necessary For Some Patients

Your physician or dentist may recommend that you follow special steps at home before your dental visit to safeguard your health. These steps may include taking antibiotics before your appointment. Administration of an antibiotic prophylaxis before dental procedures is commonly called premedication. The most common reasons a dentist will prescribe premedication is for patients with heart problems or if they have had a joint replaced.

For years, conscientious dentists have been following the American Heart Association’s guidelines by requiring certain dental patients to take antibiotics, or premedicate, prior to some types of dental procedures. The main categories of patients are those who have a heart murmur, or have had scarlet fever which often leads to a heart murmur. There are others who are asked to premedicate; a major group being those who have had artificial joint replacement.

The reasoning is that certain dental procedures, such as dental cleanings, can temporarily elevate the bacteria level in the bloodstream. This bacteria could attach to a slightly imperfect heart valve, which is what causes the murmur, and form a colony there that is extremely hard to fight and can therefore be very dangerous. An elevated bacteria level in the bloodstream could also compromise the health of bone where artificial joints are anchored.

For some patients with heart conditions, pre-medication is necessary to prevent infection. For decades, the American Heart Association has recommended a round of antibiotics for people with the following heart conditions:
Artificial heart valves
Mitral Valve Prolapse MVP
heart transplant recipients
certain congenital heart conditions
The premedication is given to these patients in an effort to prevent bacterial endocarditis, an inflammation of the heart. It can cause damage to the heart muscle or the lining of the heart. This can damage or even destroy your heart valves.

Not all dental procedures require premedication. If significant bleeding is not going to occur, it is not necessary to take antibiotics prophylactically before your dental appointment. The most common procedures in which pre-medication is necessary are
*Extractions *Periodontal Surgery *Endodontic Surgery *Root Canal Therapy *Periodontal Cleanings

A number of months ago, the Heart Association overturned its long standing guidelines for patients needing premedication. The research is showing that most patients with heart murmurs are not benefited by the antibiotics, and therefore should not be required to take them. I think that part of the reasoning is that people who have this bacteria laden tartar near the gum line on their teeth are continually putting bacteria into their bloodstream every time they eat.

You might look at it as the body gets used to the constant infection, and is always trying to fight it. The important thing is that the bacteria buildup be removed from teeth before it builds up in strength. While the American Heart Association may not require premedication for patients with minor heart conditions, many dentists still feel it is necessary to prescribe a round of antibiotics before any dental work so they are free from any liability should something happen. It is very important for you to speak with your provider and to disclose all of your medical history to him or her so that if premedication is necessary you will be provided with it.

Take That Prostate Psa Test To Prevent Prostate Cancer

One of the most widespread types of cancer that affects males is prostate cancer. In the U.S.A. , in fact , there is one case for every 6 men. The cancer grows gradually and is typically concentrated on the prostate gland. There are patients who do not show any symptoms as their tumor grows too gradually while others grow so quickly that they immediately need to be treated .

One way to identify prostate cancer is throughout the measurement of the prostate PSA level. Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) is the protein in nature present and produced by the cells in the prostate gland. Average men have small amounts of the PSA while men with cancer have high levels of this serum.

The test is managed through blood sampling where the PSA is measured. Prostate PSA is the most effective method to detect prostate cancer and is necessary in order to treat the cancer at the beginning phases of its development .

Nearly all of the therapies for prostate cancer will trust on the prostate PSA level. If the outcome of the checks reflect high prostate PSA level, the physician will prescribe a series of blood tests and extra tests to make a verified and exact diagnosis.

Depending on the outcome of the tests prescribed , the physician will order any or mixture of the most ordinary treatments for this cancer. One such method is watchful waiting, which involves no more but meetings to monitor the enlargement of the cancer cells. By means of this method, the doctor will keep track of the prostate PSA levels of the patient. Rectal tests are required for any variations in the size of the organ.

Because the growth for some is in fact slow, there really is no need to intervene. It is just recommended that the patient keep his schedules for permanent examination. Patients have to be conscious about the signs especially where their urination is concerned. The majority of the indications are found through some troubles with urinating.

Men aged 50 and above are recommended for prostate PSA tests to discover cancer. These older men are more at possibility of developing the cancer cells because prostate glands grow bigger as they become old and they also become more apt to the cancer.

The normal prostate PSA level for men 60 years old and below is around 2.5 ng/ml. If older than 60, a man may have as high as 4.0 ng/ml because the prostate gland may have by now enlarged at this time . Enlarged prostate glands create more PSA. Cells affected with cancer can produce up to 10 times more PSA than a regular, normal prostate gland cell. So, after the cancer cells grow, there will be higher levels of PSA that go into the bloodstream and that is why a PSA test is likely to discover prostate cancer.

There are cases when the PSA levels are high but the patient has no cancer. The reason of the spike in the prostate PSA is because to Benign Prostatic Hypertorphy (BPH) or inflammation of the prostate, which may also increase the production of PSA.

Vitamin A For Acne – Benefits Of Vitamin A To Cure Acne

Vitamin A is not just essential for the health of eyes, but also good for your acne treatment. Maybe only a few of us know that deficiency of vitamin A can cause acne. Vitamin A itself can be found in carrots, bananas, orange, egg yolk and milk. You can also find this Vitamin in animal-based food such as cheese, egg, milk, etc. Keep reading to find more about benefit of Vitamin A for acne treatment.

Benefit of Vitamin A for acne treatment:

a. Natural inhibitor to sebaceous glands.

When your body has enough amount of this vitamin, it will be an inhibitor to sebaceous glands. And the result, production of sebum will be much reduced. As we know, sebum and dead skin cell contribute to cause acne.

b. Antioxidant.

– Vitamin A is very helpful to control acne formation and to improve your skin health and to get rid toxin out of your body.
– This vitamin has a very powerful anti oxidant that gets rid of oxidative stress which is caused by free radicals.

c. Vitamin A helps face pores remove dead skin cell.

d. Vitamin A regulates the production of oil that blocks the face pores.

However, there are things that you should note:

a. Zinc is needed to absorb Vitamin A and help it prevent acne.

b. The daily value of Vitamin A for an adult is 5000 IU. Over dose Vitamin A can cause menstrual problem, liver toxicity, dizziness, vomiting headaches, and nausea.

c. Don’t combine Vitamin A medications with other acne cream since it can lead to dryness.

d. Don’t take vitamin A supplement orally if you are pregnant.

e. Beside Vitamin A, don’t forget to include minerals, Vitamin E, omega, and other nutrition in your diet plan to prevent acne.