Find A Healthcare Staffing Recruiter To Start A Medical Career

There is a healthcare crisis going on in the country today. A lot of people are suing healthcare facilities and hospitals because of reasons which sprung from lack of healthcare staff. One nurse services 10 patients at the same time. That is not called health service. That is almost synonymous to negligence.

What is the reason for this shortage?

It is a fact that nurses receive poor compensation plans. They work so hard every day and literally their bodies suffer so much. The shift is tight most days and yet they receive a lowly salary. A lot of nurses leave the profession only after a year of serving because even if they are health care professionals and work for health care facilities, they have the worst health care plan. What is wrong with that?

There are many health care staffing recruitment agencies searching for medical professionals to be offered a job. They need to offer qualified workers a job because the country is slowly losing its touch on efficient health care. Healthcare professionals are required immediately and if you are one and still jobless at this point, you can see what these agencies has in store for you.

There are agencies waiting to give me a job?

Yes, yes and yes! As explained, the country is experiencing shortage of healthcare professionals. The average age of a nurse these days is 45 years old! When they retire, no one is there to fill up the job post. So, with this problem, the healthcare industry is at peril. Hospitals turn to healthcare staffing recruiters and recruiters find health professionals like you.

To dig in more, these recruiters and agencies have the time and the capacity to search for qualified professionals in the medical field. So, for example, you are a medical practitioner, a nurse, and you want a care giving position for the elderly at a private home. You can present yourself with a recruiter. Your chances of getting work the way you want it is almost immediate.

The category includes contractual services, temporary replacements, temporary to permanent transition, day to day or direct hiring. You can check if you like the job or not. If they pay the compensation you want and in the working condition satisfactory for you.

There are agencies waiting to provide my facility a qualified worker?

As for health care facilities needing professionals, your best bet is going to a health care staff recruiter to find the most suitable candidate to fill up the vacant position in your facility. You will not have to worry about incompetent workers or unsatisfactory service. The agencies are very thorough in examining applicants before they give the appropriate jobs for them.

It can be considered a win-win situation. The health care professional has a job while the health care facility earns another warm body to help out. This is the bridging of gaps done by a recruiter.

Mesothelioma Vs Lung Cancer

Cancer is the malignant growth of cells in the human body. It comes in many forms and each seems to have its own method of causing havoc. Given the variety of cancers, it is hardly surprising that some are inadvertently mixed up when discussed. This is often the case with Mesothelioma and lung cancer.

The first thing to understand is neither Mesothelioma nor lung cancer is ever a diagnosis you want to have. They represent two of the more difficult forms of cancer to treat. That being said, it is often assumed that one is the other and vice versa. This is often due to the fact that Mesothelioma is associated with the inhalation of asbestos which obviously incorporates the lungs. In truth, the two are unique and different. Let’s take a look.

As the name suggests, lung cancer is the growth of mutated cells in the lungs. Unfortunately, it is one of the most common form of cancers, most often linked to smoking and the generally polluted environment we live in. There are different types of lung cancer. While they may spread beyond the lungs, all originate there.

Mesothelioma is not only a brutal form of cancer, it is difficult to pronounce. The name comes from the part of the body effected, the mesothelium. This is a thin lining found throughout the abdomen and chest area. The lining surrounds the major organs and acts as a protective layer. It is actually comprised of two layers with a lubricant found between them. This gives the encased organs the ability to move without being damaged by friction. Examples of such movement would include the heart beating or lungs expanding and contracting.

Mesothelioma is the cancerous growth of cells in this lining. It does not matter where the lining is located. The cancer can be in the lining around the heart, the lungs, the colon or anywhere in the general chest cavity. Mesothelioma does not originate in the lungs per se, but often is found in the mesothelium surrounding the lungs. It can then transition into the lungs.

In summary, Mesothelioma and lung cancer are two distinct forms of abnormal cell growth in the body. They can both impact the lungs, but only lung cancer actually originates in them.

What Can I Do About Lamictal Acne

There are so many people that are taking the drug Lamictal for depression or bipolar symptoms who are experiencing lamictal acne side effects. It is such a common side effect that it is causing people to question whether or not they should stop taking the medication. The medication is benefiting their depression greatly but is causing severe rashes or acne breakouts on their face or entire body. What other options or considerations can be utilized to prevent or minimize lamictal acne while taking Lamictal?

Try lowering your dosage. If your doctor has recommended a certain dosage for you but you are noticing lamictal acne symptoms, take the initiative to lower your own dosage. If you go back to your doctor thist is what he is going to do. Most drugs have side effects that you can alter by simply reducing the required dosage without having to stop taking the medication. Lamictal will still have the same effect on depression but maybe will not be as rapid.

Investigate the foods you are eating for allergic reactions. If you are taking Lamictal remember you are introducing a new drug to your body. It may have negative reactions to certain foods or other drugs you may be taking. If you are breaking out with acne consider maybe you are having an allergic reaction. Have you thought about Lamictal not mixing well with dairy products or other foods? Keep a journal of your acne breakouts. When they occur assess what you ate within the past 24 hours? Is there a pattern?

Try an acne diet (remove the toxins from your body). The occurrence of lamictal acne is really an allergic reaction to the medication. So, trying other acne medications to counter the acne is not really the way to fight this acne. You do not want to mix in other medications because the results may be worse. Try an alternative acne remedy. An acne diet is completely safe and requires no medications. Lamictal is obviously adding toxins to your body so you really want to try acne methods that will rid the body of toxins. An acne diet is a great alternative to fighting acne without using acne medications.

A common side effect with lamictal acne is skin sensitivity around the jawline. Many people are getting acne breakouts around their jawline. It seems to reason that this area of the face is become highly sensitive as a result of lamictal. One thing to consider is pay attention to what comes into contact with your jawline. It could be your shirt collars irritating your skin due to this hypersensitivity. It could also be a dirty pillowcase that you are sleeping face down on every night. Be sure to change your pillowcases every night. Another suggestion is hair growing in this area. You may need to stop shaving and just use hair trimmers.

These options are practical but could be very helpful in preventing lamictal acne from ruining your appearance and self esteem. Try them before you try acne medication. You may see results from these inexpensive methods.

Eczema Diet 5 Foods That Heal

Take a good look at your diet and ask yourself this question: “Am I eating foods that will help heal my eczema or am I eating foods that make my condition worse?”

The answer more than likely is that a lot of the foods you are eating are not helping to cure your skin condition.

Without realising it a lot of the foods eaten by people who suffer with eczema make their condition worse. Foods such as processed and cooked foods. Cakes, dairy products, salty snacks and cookies.

These foods create additional work for your digestive and immune system. These foods take away the energy required to keep your body ticking over to help with digestion.

And these foods create additional toxicity in your body which your body has to fight harder to keep these toxins out of harms ways.

If you want to make a change to the way your body functions and increase its ability to cure itself of any ills including that of eczema you should include as many of the foods that heal as you can.

Here is a list of 5 foods that will help to cure your eczema.

Eczema Diet Tip #1

Foods you should include in your diet are those that contain high levels of enzyme as they will make a marked difference to the condition of your skin.

Enzymes are one of the most important factors governing our health and our lives. People who suffer with ill-health are more than likely the ones who need enzymes in their diet to improve their general state of health.

Eczema Diet Tip #2

Foods you should include in your diet are those that contain high levels of Chlorophyll. The properties of Chlorophyll are very similar in nature to hemogloblin found in red blood cells. Chlorophyll is an excellent tissue stimulator and will help in the rejuvenation of eczema skin. A very good source of Chlorophyll is wheatgrass juice.

Eczema Diet Tip #3

Foods you should include in your diet are fruit and vegetable juices. If you prepare 2 or 3 glasses of raw fruit and vegetables juice you will see a noticeable difference in the texture and condition of your skin.

Vegetable and fruit juices are very cleansing and nourishing and will rejuvenate and heal your skin.

Natural Health Care through Bitter Melon

Heart burn heart burn is common among people these days. It as condition of burning sensation in the chest region. This happens because of indigestion. Due to indigestion, excess of the hydrochloric acid is produced in the body thereby leading to this burning sensation. By regular consumption of karela juice, the digestion in the body is kept to the optimized level hence the problem of heart burn is resolved.

Anti inflammatory karela is a good anti-inflammatory agent. It helps in reducing any edematous condition in the body. It helps in regularizing the circulatory system thereby normalizing the blood flow. This helps in reducing any kind of inflammation that occurs in the body.

Ulcers karela is very effective in treating the gastric as well as duodenal ulcers. It has the tendency to maintain the normal production of gastric juices and acids there by protect the mucus membrane from getting depleted due to exposure to these harsh condition.

How To Stop Smokers Cough

If you are a smoker you probably suffer from smokers’ cough. Nearly every smoker has a fit of coughing most every morning But, do you know why this is almost universal among smokers? Knowing this could save your life.

Coughing is your body’s way of trying to expel irritants from your lungs and respiratory tract. Sometimes, when you inhale smoke you will cough. This automatic reflex is an attempt to expel irritating tobacco smoke from your lungs.

But, what we normally call smokers’ cough is something entirely different.

Every day we breathe about 20,000 times. We breathe in air, which is about 78% nitrogen, 20% oxygen, less than 1% argon, and the remainder consists of carbon dioxide and other trace gases. If this is all we breathed in, life would be great. But, we also breathe in various contaminants.

If you’ve ever been in a room with a bright ray of light coming through a window you may have seen dust particles moving through the lighted area. Dust and other particles are also in the air. When we breathe in, these particles also accompany the gases that make up the air.

Our body is designed to deal with these particulate contaminants. Some contaminants are captured by the hairs in our noses. Our respiratory tract also contains tiny hairs called cilia that help capture smaller contaminants. As you breathe, the cilia move back and forth helping to transport contaminants away from the lungs toward the mouth. Otherwise, these contaminants would accumulate in the lungs, blocking the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide and causing irritation of the delicate lung tissues.

When you purposefully smoke, you expose your respiratory track to excessive contaminants and the cilia become overwhelmed and cannot effectively transport all the contaminants away from the lungs. Most of the billions of smoke particles make their way to the lungs and coat and irritate the delegate tissues of the lungs, blocking the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide.

Those particles that are captured by the cilia are not simply dust particles. These contaminants are comprised of over 4000 compounds found in tobacco smoke. Some of these particles paralyze the cilia and some actually destroy the cilia.

After smoking a number of cigarettes during the day, the cilia are stunned and cannot effectively rid the respiratory track of all the contaminants. So, the contaminants sit there, unable to be transported away from the lungs. During the night some of the cilia are able to recover and begin their task of transporting particles away from the lungs.

When you wake up, there is an accumulation of these contaminants ready to be expelled from the respiratory tract. Coughing is the body’s way of expelling these particles. Every day a smoker’s body does it’s very best to clear the airway of contaminating particles by coughing up the accumulated phlegm and particles.

The longer a person smokes, the less capable the cilia are of removing smoke particles and the more dangerous smoking becomes.

The safest way to prevent smokers’ cough is to stop exposing your body to the 4000 dangerous compounds found in tobacco smoke. Quitting smoking can stop smokers’ cough and save your life.

Dental Veneers and Lumineers in NYC

Are you afraid to flash your teeth in public? Do you tend to hide your smile? Most of us pay great attention to our outward appearance, as we know that the impressions, particularly those first one, we make on others linger in their minds forever. But, the fact we often overlook is that beauty begins and ends with health. The health of your teeth and your gums directly affects the overall health of your body. At Park Plaza Dental our greatest focus is prevention and we strongly enforce correct oral hygiene routines specific to each individual.

New Yorkers are generally very well-educated with regards to their oral hygiene, and now they have more reasons to flash their gorgeous smiles, thanks to delicately designed and engineered dental veneers, more commonly referred to as porcelain laminates. So try to find the best dentist in your city who has years of experience and knowledge in bringing back happy smiles, In New York youll find some really good dentists who are really able to help you.

Reluctance to smile is generally linked to discolored or broken teeth and dental veneers or laminates may be the answer to these dental issues. Different from full coverage crowns, in that they do not require extensive removal of tooth structure, porcelain laminates are the most aesthetic option for anterior tooth rejuvenation. Veneers are actually porcelain laminates or shells that are ultra-thin and customized to each tooth, thereby recreating a better and more uniform smile line, correcting stained and chipped teeth and often also straightening teeth that are not in proper position. Porcelain veneers are used most commonly for closing gaps between teeth.

Full coverage crowns can sometimes look too bulky and not as natural as one would want, especially on the front teeth. Porcelain laminates are designed for such cosmetic instances where one is looking for optimum aesthetics and a very natural hue and shape.

New York is the busiest city and you may be also, but if you do some good research online you may discover some good dentist who are really capable to give you proper treatment, so when youre searching for the best dentist keep in mind that the dentist must have vast experience in this field specially in the field of periodontist and prosthodontist such as porcelain veneers and crown. The initial visit is based on a consultation where dentists might takes in to account each patients needs and will then advise accordingly. What you may expect- In a friendly and relaxed atmosphere he will carefully charts out the treatment plan and answers any question that may come up. Wish you all the best.

Is It Really Possible To Cure Your Acne

Acne generally disappears over time, or at least diminishes to a great extent. Many people experience the ‘fading off’ of acne in their early twenties while in some, it may be prominent till their thirties and forties, or even beyond. There are hundreds of natural acne cures that work well to zap those zits for good! Follow these tips for natural acne cures, and your skin will look amazing.

1. Take half of an apple, and grate it. Mix it with four teaspoon of honey. Apply it on the affected skin part. Let it stay there for about 15 minutes. Rinse off with water. This face mask for acne works wonders on dry skin. You can use it daily as it prevents outbreak of pimples and also brings glow and radiance to the skin.

2. The sandalwood powder has antiseptic, astringent, anti-disinfectant and anti-inflammatory properties, for which it is used in skin care products. Home remedies using sandalwood powder for skin can treat and control the growth of acne. Most often, these natural remedies using sandalwood powder for face, include turmeric powder to achieve the best results.

3. The best way to get rid of these impurities is by eating the right food in the right quantities, and by avoiding certain types of food that actually can increase the toxins in your body that produces acne. A proper diet of foods that encourage the body to get rid of the toxins within the body would be beneficial in controlling and finally curing your acne. When acne is under control, making a few simple changes to your cleansing routine will help keep this often painful condition from reemerging.

4. One of the best natural acne cures is a sauna. Use a sauna at the gym. When you steam your face, you eliminate toxins and clean the skin. If you are on a tight budget, you can purchase a portable infrared sauna or a steam sauna. Do a 30 minute session every day, and your skin will look marvelous. You will detoxify your body and boost your metabolism in the process.

5. Oatmeal Face Mask for Acne: Oatmeal has healing and soothing properties. It is widely used in acne skin care products. It is very easy to make a face mask with oatmeal. Boil a cup of oatmeal in water. Cool it, and then spread a thick layer all over your face. Wait for 20 minutes. Rinse with water.

6. You should make sure you get enough sleep. If you do not sleep well, your stress levels will go up. Stress leads to an unhealthy body and it causes acne breakouts. Make sure you sleep 7-8 hours each night. Sleep is one of the most effective natural acne cures.

7. Rose Water and Lemon Juice Face Mask for Acne: Lemon has vitamin C, which is a necessity for healthy skin. Take a tablespoon of lemon juice and add 3-4 drops of rose water to it. Spread it on your face and other acne-prone regions. Let it stay there for 10 minutes, and then wash it off with water. It is not recommendable for dry skin.

Throat Cancer Treatment In India At Mumbai And Delhi At Low Cost.

Throat Cancer

Throat cancer refers to cancerous tumors that develop in your throat (pharynx) or voice box (larynx).

Your throat is a 5-inch-long muscular tube that begins behind your nose and ends in your neck. Your voice box sits just below your throat and is also susceptible to throat cancer. The voice box is made of cartilage and contains the vocal cords that vibrate to make sound when you talk. Throat cancer can also affect the piece of cartilage (epiglottis) that acts as a lid for your windpipe.

What causes throat cancer?

* Smoking
* Excessive consumption of alcohol.
* Inhaling coal, asbestos or diesel fumes.
* Poor oral hygiene.
* Excessive consumption of salty meat.
* Abnormal tissue growth.

Signs and Symptoms
Cancers that involve the throat, base of the tongue, tonsil, pharynx, or tube that extends from the nasal passages to the mouth to the esophagus and sinus are called oropharyngeal and hypopharyngeal cancers.

Symptoms of throat cancer may include: –

* A sore throat that does not go away
* Cough
* Pain or difficulty swallowing
* Weight loss for no known reason
* Ear pain
* A lump in the back of the mouth, throat or neck
* Advanced tumors may invade the voice box, causing hoarseness or breathing difficulty
* Bleeding from the throat or blood-tinged sputum

Risk factors for developing throat cancer may include: –

* Smoking tobacco
* Heavy alcohol use
* A diet low in fruits and vegetables
* Drinking mat, a stimulant drink common in South America
* Chewing betel quid, a stimulant commonly used in parts of Asia
* Being infected with human papillomavirus (HPV)

In making a diagnosis of throat cancer, your doctor will first start by recording your medical history, asking about any symptoms you may be experiencing and conducting a thorough physical examination. Your doctor may also may recommend one or more of the following diagnostic tests:

This test is performed in the operating room with general anesthesia to determine the extent of the tumor. During the procedure, the upper portion of the gastrointestinal tract and respiratory tract are visualized with endoscopes, which are long, thin and flexible tubes equipped with a tiny video camera and light on the end. The endoscope is used to look at areas in the throat and respiratory tract that cannot be seen during a physical exam. Other areas examined include the esophagus, trachea and bronchi of the lungs.

The endoscope has a channel that allows instruments to be passed through in order to take tissue samples. By adjusting the various controls on the endoscope, the doctor can safely maneuver the instrument to carefully examine the inside lining of the upper portion of the gastrointestinal tract and respiratory tract. The high-quality picture from the endoscope is shown on a TV monitor. In many cases, endoscopy is a more precise examination than X-ray studies.

Imaging Tests
Your doctor may also recommend imaging tests, such as a computerized tomography (CT) scan, positron emission tomography (PET) scan, or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), which provide additional information regarding the stage of the tumor and whether the cancer has spread to surrounding lymph nodes in the neck or elsewhere in the body.


Before having surgery, your doctor will discuss the procedure with you in detail and discuss any possible side effects.

If the tumor is small and localized, surgery will often successfully remove the tumor with few side effects. However, if the tumor is advanced and has spread to surrounding areas, surgery will be more extensive and may involve the removal of parts of your throat, mouth, jaw or voice box. In these cases, your ability to speak, chew, swallow and breathe may be affected. Reconstructive surgery can help restore your appearance and rehabilitate speech and swallowing function. Prosthetic devices in your mouth may replace removed portions of your teeth, gums and jaw. In more advanced cases, you may need to use tubes for feeding and breathing and an artificial voice aid for speaking.

You will also work with a speech-language pathologist to assist you with problems related to speaking and swallowing. In addition, you may work with a dietitian who will help you develop a nutritional plan that includes healthy foods that are easy to swallow and chew.

Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapy can be used for select small tumors as primary treatment. It is also administered following surgery or in combination with chemotherapy for advanced tumors.


Chemotherapy is the use of drugs to kill cancer cells. Researchers are looking for effective drugs or drug combinations to treat throat cancer. They are also exploring ways to combine chemotherapy with other forms of cancer treatment to help destroy the tumor and prevent the disease from spreading. For advanced tumors, chemotherapy is often given in combination with radiation therapy, typically in the setting of a therapeutic clinical trial.

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Simple Plans To Prevent Heart Disease

So, you’ve decided you want to start taking care of your heart. Maybe you had a recent cardiac event. Maybe someone close to you did. Or maybe you just decided to start taking care of yourself and want to start with your heart!

Whatever the reason, congratulations! Heart disease is the major killer in the western world and even small steps can help you avoid it.

So, here is a simple list of 26 things to do. I recommend you start at the top and then go down the list when you feel the top recommendations are part of your lifestyle.

Alternatively, you may want to start all of them at the same time, but that will be much harder. Either way, good luck.

1)Quit smoking.You will not only save money but by quiting you could possibly extending your life span.

2)Ride a bicycle

3)Moderate alcohol intake to two glasses of red wine per day, no other alcoholic beverage should be allowed

4)Eat less meat and other sources of saturated fat

5)Exercise (walk 30 minutes every day at the beginning and try to increase to 60 minutes)

6)Lose weight if you are overweight

7)Control your blood pressure and check it regularly

8)Become more active (take the stairs, play games, walk to work,walk to post office etc)

9)Avoid trans fats found in cookies, fried foods and canned foods

10)Eat more fruit and other fiber rich food

11)Eat less sugar and control your blood sugar

12)Add nuts and seeds to your diet

13)Relax – look for sources of stress in your life and avoid them or learn to deal with them

14)Learn about how your heart works and heart conditions (it actually helps!)

15)Don’t drink more than two cups of coffee per day

16)Eat whole grains instead of processed grains

17)Drink plenty of water

18)Become vegetarian, or abolish meat completely though keeping fish

19)Join an alternative healing group (in addition to the regular walking sessions),like yoga,reiki,or tai-chi.

20)Control your portions, never eat just for eating

21)Make annual checkups with your doctor

22)If you can afford the membership fee,join the gym

23)If you eat meat,eat the lean one with no fat

24)Believe that by doing the right thing,you will get the right result

25)Check the heart disease and it’s prevention related website.

26)Make a check list of this 26 steps,you don’t have to do it all at once,but by simply following some of the major steps,or by only applying the top ten to your life style,you are already preventing your self from heart disease.