Penis Facts – Seven Surprising Health Benefits Of Sex

There is no question that sex feels good why else would so many people spend so much time trying to get it? The best part is that by engaging in sex, guys are actually doing themselves (and their partners) a favor. Maintaining a healthy penis is the first step in taking advantage of the considerable physiological and psychological health benefits of sex. Some of these benefits which are backed by research, are described below, along with important penis facts about maintaining a healthy member.

1.Immune function – Scientists at Wilkes University in Wilkes-Barre, Pa., found that men who had frequent sex had higher levels of certain antibodies particularly immunoglobin A which helps the body to fight off contagious diseases such as the flu and the common cold, as well as various types of infections.

2.Cardiovascular health Sex benefits cardiovascular health in a number of ways. For instance, men who have regular sex tend to have lower blood pressure. In addition, a study reported in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health showed that men who have sex at least twice a week reduce their risk of a fatal heart attack by more than one half.

3.Stress relief It is no secret that having sex has a positive effect on stress levels, helping people to feel more relaxed. In fact, the journal Biological Psychology published a study which demonstrated that men who have regular sex have lower blood pressure, are able to function better cognitively in stressful situations, and have an overall more positive response to stress.

4.Physical fitness If guys need an excuse to have sex more often, the physical fitness aspect works perfectly. Having sex burns calories and helps guys to maintain a healthy body weight and a more toned physique. While a session in bed will not equate to an hour at the gym, approximately 21 hour-long sessions could burn enough calories to amount to a pound of weight loss.

5.Boosts self-esteem Researchers at the University of Texas reported that increased self-esteem was one of 237 reasons that people have sex, according to a report published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior. Aside from this, sex also increases intimacy between partners and triggers the release of the love hormone oxytocin, which helps people to feel relaxed and connected after lovemaking.

6.Relieves pain Another surprising benefit of sex is that it actually helps to relieve pain. As levels of oxytocin increase, the brain also releases endorphins, which alleviate the effects of problems like back pain, arthritis, and (for women) even menstrual cramps. So the next time she uses a headache as an excuse, guys can point out that having sex will actually help her to feel better.

7.Improves sleep Another effect of the release of oxytocin after an orgasm is the ability to fall asleep faster and sleep better. And getting more sleep has a positive influence on all of the other health benefits described here, from body weight to cardiovascular health to the ability to cope with stress.

Keeping the penis healthy and ready for action
If all of the above benefits of sex arent enough, men should know that the old saying holds true: if you dont use it, you lose it. Not having sex can reduce the ability to respond to stimulation, resulting in reduced function. In order to get the most from the therapeutic and penis health benefits of sex, it is important to keep the member ready for any opportunity. Promoting smooth, supple and responsive skin with rejuvenating vitamins and minerals found in a specialized penis vitamin formula (most health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) and maintaining adequate moisture in order to prevent injury due to the chafing and irritation of an enthusiastic bedroom session can help guys to be ready whenever the occasion demands.

Dental Implants Reliable Cosmetic Dental Treatment Solutions

Beautiful and healthy teeth are important for all. Even though teeth are supposed to last a lifetime, sometimes it doesnt work out that way. Replacing the teeth that are missing is essential for your general health so what can you do to save your chewing ability and beauty? Quality dental implants are probably the most suitable options when it comes to replacing missing teeth as they not just contribute to your overall wellbeing but also influence the way you look and the way you feel about yourself. Thats why implants should always be considered as an option to replace failing and missing teeth.

What is a dental implant?
To begin with, make sure you understand what the whole fuss is about. Proper dental implants are probably the most flexible and reliable way to replace missing teeth. They are artificial yet natural-looking teeth that are placed into your jaw for replacing one missing tooth, several teeth or even retaining a denture. High quality implants are usually made from tooth coloured porcelain, held with small screws and connected to titanium posts. This method of replacing teeth is known to have been used for more than fifty years and today there are a great number of practitioners including general dentists who are properly qualified to replace missing teeth with implants without affecting bordering teeth.

Are you a candidate for implants?
As is stated above, dental implants have been used for years as they are known to be suitable for patients of all ages. If you have missed one or more teeth as a result of a disease or injury, implants are a great solution to the problem. Implants are also popularly used by those who cant wear removable dentures. To make the right decision whether they are suitable for you, consult your dentist who is going to give expert advice based on a careful evaluation of your medical history in general and dental history in particular.

Several advantages of implants
To make a well-grounded decision, find out more about the benefits dental implants bring. For one thing, high quality implants look, feel and function just like natural teeth so they can help you sustain your chewing ability while feeling confident of your completely natural smile. Additionally to having aesthetic advantages, implants are tooth-saving options for they dont damage neighbouring teeth so that more of your own teeth are left untouched. Finally, its worth mentioning that this option is quite reliable as the success rate of implants is predictable.

The procedure of tooth replacement
The first step to take is consulting a dentist for treatment planning. Next, dental implants are placed into your jaw using a minor surgical technique. After the job is done, the abutment connection is carried out for about 4-6 months and then the final crown and bridge construction takes place. The procedure requires constant specialist involvement though its not difficult to perform. Furthermore, you are unlikely to feel any discomfort during implant placement.

In brief, quality dental implants are a great way to replace missing teeth thus contributing to your overall health as well as your confidence. These reliable, flexible and naturally-looking solutions are provided by numerous practitioners today.

Get a New Lease of Life with the Support of Mental Health Organisations

With the stress of everyday life and the need to live up to the expectations of people around you, the mind often shuts down. It is very important to realize the fact that it is not possible to make everyone happy. When life puts up a lonely face and brings in distress, a tale of misery unfolds. When you feel that your mind is just like a pressure-cooker without the safety valve and you need the right outlet, you do not get a true shoulder to cry on. Given to the mechanical life we are leading, life seems insipid. People choose silence and rumble into the grief of depression. If you have been seeing the dark cloud with your unsettling mind driving you down further into depression, the mental health organisations can help you a lot.

A Mental Health Organization can help

In Australia, people who are suffering from troubled lives with mental distress not enabling them to check out the brighter side of life, one of the credible mental health organisations western Australia can come to his rescue. If it is about behavioural issues, working on realizing one’s self-worth or self-esteem, it is the training programs online that can help the victims to face the challenge called life with open arms.

The Bespoke Mental Health Services

The top organizations realize that everyone’s needs are different. While offering the best of training programs and recovery-focused services, it is finding out the individual requirements, which matters the most. The trained facilitators who sketch the online training programs make the courses in such a way that it helps an individual to make the recovery process a speedy one. The organizations make the plan in such a way that apart from offering the means to cast aside mental distress, they offer people accommodation facilities also.


It is the process of getting and living a new life with the help of training programs depending on the level of mental problems faced by an individual, which brings back normalcy in their life. The reputed organisations supporting mental health recovery can offer support at the home for the patients and also provide carer services. So if you are planning to pull out your friend or a loved one out of a messy life, you can surf the net and pin down one of the best mental health organisations. Make sure that you check the credibility of an agency before choosing one. The top organizations realize that everyone’s needs are different. While offering the best of training programs and recovery-focused services Click here

Insight Into Skin Cancer Treatments

There are several options available for the detection, diagnosis and treatment of skin cancer. The following are the normal procedures employed to determine whether a patient has skin cancer:

Skin examination by a qualified individual to check for bumps or spots that may look unusual in terms of color, size, shape, or texture.

A pathological examination (biopsy) procedure on a portion of the abnormal-looking growth to determine the presence of cancer cells. This can be accomplished in any of 3 methods: shave biopsy wherein a surgical razor is used to shave-off parts of the suspected growth; punch biopsy wherein an instrument called a trephine is used to remove a circle of tissue from the growth and excisional biopsy wherein the entire growth is removed surgically with the use of a scalpel.

Treatment and recovery of skin cancer depends significantly on the conditions or stage of the cancer, there is no sure fire method of treating and managing skin cancer as each case is unique to the individual and is also influenced by factors such as the type of the cancer, location and size of the tumor (whether it has metastasized or not) and the patients overall health and physical condition.

In the traditional method of treatment, there are four options available.

Surgery: There are various surgical procedures employed for the treatment of the non-melanoma type of skin cancer.

For superficial skin cancer Mohs micrographic surgery is the most common procedure wherein the tumor is gradually incised from the affected area of the skin in very thin layers and examined microscopically to verify the presence or absence of cancer cells. The procedure continues until the presence of cancer cells is negative.

Simple excision is the surgical removal of a tumor including some of the surrounding skin tissues.

Shaving the surface of the affected skin area with a surgical blade.

Cutting the tumor from the skin with a sharp tool resembling a small spoon and then treating the edges of the immediate area of the cut with electrical current to stop and control bleeding and destroy remaining cancer cells.

Another option is cryosurgery whereby the abnormal tissues are destroyed through freezing.

Using laser to cut affected skin tissue or remove malignant tumor.

Removal of the top layer of skin using a sander-type tool or skin defoliants to remove affected skin cells.

Radiation: Radiation cancer treatment therapy is the use of x-rays or radiation to destroy cancer cells. These can either be external by using a machine outside of the body or internal by introducing radioactive elements into or near the affected area.

Chemotherapy: Chemotherapy is the use of drugs to control the spread of cancer cells in the body. It can either be applied topically as a cream or lotion, orally or by intravenous and/or intramuscular injection into the patients vein or muscle.

Photodynamic Therapy: The use of drugs in combination with laser to destroy cancer cells. The drug is injected into the patients vein and remains inactive until it is subjected to laser via fiber optic tubes at which time it becomes active and kills the cancer cells.

There is one thing in common with all of the above mentioned traditional treatment options for skin cancer they are generally invasive.

Although there is nothing wrong with the methodology, alternative methods of skin cancer treatment, which are now gaining acceptance in the West, espouse a holistic approach in the treatment of skin cancer or an illness. A holistic approach is geared towards the mental, physical and emotion aspects of the patient and not just the physical symptoms of the illness.

They proceed from the premise that an individual gets sick simply because his immune system is weak and can not fight the virus that attacks the system. For treatment to be successful, it is therefore necessary to strengthen a persons immune system including emotional and physical resources in order to combat threats to the body.

In the traditional model of Western medicine, once skin cancer is diagnosed and determined the only acceptable form of treatment is the clinical model. However, a study of the alternative approaches to prevention and treatment reveal that in consonance with the traditional method both can be very effective in treating advanced skin cancer.

Medical experts are aware that certain minerals and antioxidant vitamins that can be derived from fruits and vegetables help repair damaged body tissues and promote the regeneration of healthy skin.

Now, medical practitioners are advocating the use of alternative methods of skin cancer prevention and treatment through a healthy diet and active lifestyle in order to protect individuals from the harmful effects of sunlight the number one factor directly related to skin cancer development.

An active and healthy lifestyle and regular exercise is necessary in order to combat skin cancer since even stress cause the weakening of the immune system which then makes individuals more prone to sickness.

With proper exercise such as yoga, tai chi, running and even acupuncture, the bodys immune system can be made stronger even if skin cancer is already at an advanced stage.

Coupled with a healthy and nutritious diet, individuals stand a better chance to fight skin cancer and strengthen the immune system to fight off the malignant cancer cells.

One of the more promising discoveries is the effect of green tea towards skin cancer. Taken orally or applied topically, green tea shows a striking effect on the skin in relation to cancer and carcinogens because it is a natural antioxidant. Green tea antioxidants (medical term green tea polyphenols) show a remarkable ability to prevent and inhibit the growth of various types of skin cancers from basal cell carcinoma to melanoma in tests carried out on animals and human patients.

However, those already suffering from skin cancer should never self medicate. It is good practice to consult with your doctor regarding the use of traditional and alternative form of treatments since there may be an interference effect between the two when taken together. Discussing any alternative treatment options with your cancer doctor ensures faster recovery and future prevention.

How Can I Identify Cancer Moles

All of us know someone who has been touched by cancer in some way, whether it is skin cancer or another type. Skin cancer, while normally not considered to be as serious as other types, can still be a dangerous disease. However, if skin cancer is caught in the early stages, as when a individual notices changes in the moles that they have on their body, then it can possibly be cured. This is why it is so important to watch for any changes that may be occurring that would lead you to believe that you may have skin cancer, such as skin tags and changes in the moles, especially if you believe they are cancer moles.

Cancer moles can be identified by using what is called the ABCD method. The letters stand for the symptoms of the disease and can be used to pinpoint when medical attention needs to be sought.

It is important to remember that if you suspect that you may have skin cancer, then the earlier that it is caught, the better. This can mean looking for any changes in the moles that you may have and also being aware of what those changes could be.

The first letter A stands for ‘asymmetry.’ Normally, a mole is round and symmetrical in shape. It is often when the mole begins to grow that it looks a little skewed or asymmetric. In case this happens, ensure that you visit a doctor and mention the first time you observed the change in the skin moles. The second letter B stands for ‘border.’

If the border of your moles looks jagged or irregular, instead of definite and strong, then this could be a sign of cancer. The letter C indicates another important aspect, ‘color.’ Often, these moles change in color suddenly, leaving you quite surprised. Lastly, the letter D stands for ‘diameter.’ Most cancerous moles will grow in size; hence, an increasingly larger diameter could alert you to see a doctor.

If you think that the moles that you have could be cancer moles, then you will want to speak to a physician as soon as possible. You will also want to keep a close watch for the moles that might be cancerous if you are a lighter skinned individual or if other individuals in your family have had cancer. While anyone can be susceptible to this type of cancer, those who have a fair complexion or a family history of cancer are more likely to develop it.

apple cider vinegar acne

Today, I want to tell you specifically how you can use apple cider vinegar to get relief from your yeast infection. If this household solution doesn’t give you relief, you can constantly try out lots of of the other home remedies out there. There are truly two diverse methods you can use apple cider vinegar to get relief from your yeast infection. I would like to explore just about every technique with you now.

one. Bath + A.C.V..V.

An individual of the simplest methods to get relief from your yeast infection is by taking a bath. I know anyone who said a bath aided them tremendously, but including apple cider vinegar to the mix will be even much more valuable. All you have to do is add 2 cups of apple cider vinegar to a warm bath, stir, and lay in the mixture for 15 minutes. Right after your bath, dry off, and set on cotton underwear afterward, preferably.

two. A.C.V. Drink.

I know this appears truly disgusting, and rely on me when I say that it undoubtedly is. Even though this is gross, if you mix 1 to 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar with eight ounces of drinking water and drink it, you will ultimately start to recognize that your indicators will start off to go away. This is a really well-known treatment for numerous problems which include acid reflux, just so you know.

Last Thoughts.

Even though it’s not the most known home remedy for yeast infections, apple cider vinegar can however provide you with relief. I recommend taking a bath with it, since the flavor can be really foul. If you’re going to try to deal with oneself internally, there is always yogurt. Yogurt is almost certainly a single of the most well-liked dwelling treatments accessible.

Alternative Remedies.

If you search around, you will notice that there are essentially lots of points that you can use from property to deal with your yeast infection with. There are a handful of critical treatments that are regarded to completely remedy yeast infections altogether. I hope that the hints that I have provided you here currently will be helpful to you. Yeast infections are not exciting to have, but with the right property solutions, you can get rid of yours as soon as and for all.

When you believe of apple cider vinegar, you do not normally assume of acne! Having said that, numerous acne sufferers have uncovered that apple cider vinegar is in fact a seriously excellent normal, dwelling treatment for their trouble and there are a amount of causes for this.

Why Apple Cider Vinegar is excellent for Acne

Apple cider vinegar is identified to boost the function of your liver, kidneys and bladder and that in turn assists to hold the physique detoxified. When you think that acne is a issue which is usually triggered by the toxins in the physique and the pores starting to be blocked, it is not challenging to see why apple cider vinegar may possibly be in a position to enable.

Apple cider vinegar is also packed complete of vitamins which support to hold the entire body healthful and this is an additional rationale why it is so excellent for you. So just how do you get apple cider vinegar?

How to Take Apple Cider Vinegar

The ideal apple cider vinegar acne web site on the World-wide-web

apple cider vinegar acne

Get Excellent Preventive Dental Treatment With Professional Dental Clinic

Oral hygiene is an important health factor for human. Any type of oral problem if not treated properly and immediately can lead to stroke, diabetes, mouth cancer and heart diseases. Therefore, preventive care is essential to maintain a good oral health in the long run. In other words, these types of dentistry help you to maintain oral hygiene to avoid major dental problems.

It is very easy to locate several dental clinics in Virginia offering preventive care for patients of all ages. You need to do careful research about the services, facilities, specialization of dentists and price ranges of various clinics in order to get excellent preventive care. Online surfing is the simplest way to find a clinic that is renowned for offering excellent preventive care in a relaxing atmosphere.

They are one of the leading preventive dental clinics in Virginia and specialize in treating both elderly and young patients. Their clinic is uniquely equipped with most advanced dental tools and luxury amenities. This will enable them to ensure that you will get the best possible dental treatment in a relaxing and pleasing atmosphere.

If you are looking for an expert and specialized medicaid dentist, then you are at the right place. Their dental experts are highly knowledgeable, highly experienced and specialized in the area they excel at. They utilize the most advance dental tools and technologies in order to provide the most advance care to every patient.

Their dental experts and other professionals give proper time to every patient in order to offer every patient the care and services they deserve. Their fees are very nominal than other clinics available in Virginia. So, visit this leading dental clinic to get outstanding dental services within your budget.

They are also one-stop place for emergency dental services. You can schedule an appointment from Sunday to Saturday at your convenience. Their dental experts are available till 8 pm. So, you can ensure that you will get treated by experts whenever you visit the clinic. To meet the client expectation for offering outstanding preventive dentistry services is their main goal.

Why should you visit them for preventive dental care? Few main reasons are:-

1.They offer dental treatment in a pristine and relaxing environment.
2.Their dentists are a member of the American and Virginian dental association.
3. They utilize the most innovative dental technology.
4. Committed to make your visit as pleasurable as possible.
5.And much more..

If you want to know more about their preventive dentistry services, then you can visit their website anytime you want.

How To Treat Eyelid Eczema

Eyelid eczema can be very difficult to treat, due to the area that it affects.
The trouble with having eczema on the eyelids is that the skin around that particular area is very sensitive and delicate.
Apart from the obvious eczema symptoms like a rash and inflammation of the skin around the eyes, this type of eczema cannot be hidden underneath clothing like other forms of eczema. This means that everybody is able to see it, and without putting a too finer point on it, it does look unattractive.
Because of this many sufferers will often be very self conscious about having eczema on their eyes. This will normally lead to the person suffering from it becoming withdrawn and getting a poor self image. This can especially be true in children.
When you look at the majority of creams which are prescribed for eczema, you will probably find that they contain steroids. Although the creams which are used to treat eyelid eczema have a light steroid content, you will still need to be careful when using them. Everybody knows that certain side effects are associated with steroids, and real care must be taken when using it around the skin of the eyes.
However it is not all doom and gloom, because there are natural remedies which can be used for treating eyelid eczema.
A really good option is to use a cream which contains Aloe Vera extract. This plant has been used for many centuries as way of healing the skin and keeping it healthy. Also the fact that it is a natural product, means that there will be no side effects.
Vitamin E is another great solution for eczema. This can be purchased fairly cheaply at a health store or a pharmacy and should be something that anybody who has eyelid eczema should try.
An important element that is often overlooked when it comes to any type of eczema, is the part stress plays. Stress doesn’t just affect the brain. When your mind is stressed, so is your body. I know that it is easy to say that you shouldn’t get stressed, but learning how to cope with stress properly can be very beneficial for eczema.
One of the hardest things to resist when it comes to eczema, is the urge to scratch at it or rub it. This is something that needs to be avoided at all costs, because this significantly makes the situation a lot worse.
There is no medical cure for eczema on the eyelids or for any other type of eczema. medications can only treat and control eczema symptoms. The key is to try and find out what is actually causing your eczema. This can be a number of things, diet, environmental toxins, chemicals, weak immune system, pets, and a number of other things.
But remember that you do have options for treating eczema. Lots of people are starting to opt for more natural remedies to help with their eczema, and many are getting real benefits. If nothing else has worked for your eyelid eczema, then this may be a route that you should consider.
Just because there is no medical cure for eczema, it does not mean that your hands are tied. Many people are successfully getting rid of eczema through more natural solutions. Visit us and see how these solutions may be able to help you to beat eczema.

What are the Top Medical Schools

Every ambitious and aspiring medical student wants to be accepted into the top medical schools. While it may make no difference which medical school you attend to get your license as an M.D., it does matter in the career and networking opportunities you have after graduation. In this article, we will discuss some of the top medical schools in the United States.

Harvard Medical School — this one tops the list, especially when it comes to research, but is also strong for primary care.

John Hopkins University — as far as US news is concerned, John Hopkins Hospital has been the best in America for the last 17 years in a row.

Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis — with 115 years of experience and research, education and patient care. Its rich history and in-depth research is sure to help you in your professional career.

Oregon Health and Science — while it’s the only health research university in the state of Oregon, it presents an excellent opportunity to learn about patient care, both for in-state and out-of-state students.

University of Pennsylvania — with an equal commitment to being a leader in patient care, research and education, Penn medicine is an excellent choice for any aspiring doctor. In fact, their goal is to be recognized nationally as the most accomplished and respected school of medicine.

Duke University School of Medicine — Duke University boasts a community of scholars, who are devoted to teaching, research and patient care. In addition, they’re graduating classes averaged 60% less debt than other private medical schools in the nation. In fact, the debt was even less than public medical schools, on average.

Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons — the main focus of the College of Physicians and Surgeons is on medical education, which they pour all their resources into. They are an excellent choice for both general and special practice, as well as offering advancement in research, teaching or even administration.

University of New Mexico School of Medicine — the US news, 2007 addition, ranked the University of New Mexico school of medicine as a number two program in the nation for rural medicine, as well as number 10 in the nation for family medicine. In fact, five departments were also ranked in the top 40 in the National Institutes of Health.

In conclusion, consider this list of top medical schools when you consider who to send your application into, it also worth building strong credentials to increase the chances of being accepted into one of these top medical schools.

Why Acne Treatment Is Incomplete Without Dietary Supplement

If you think acne is a skin condition caused by dirt, bacteria and sun exposure, then you are mistaken. Acne is an internal problem that is caused by hormonal changes in the body. Factors like pollution, sun exposure and diet can aggravate the problem, not cause it. When it comes to acne treatment, people only think about topical creams. There is no doubt that some products are actually effective in reducing the blemishes and scars, but it is not a complete treatment.

You cant combat acne problem completely until you balance the hormonal level and it can only be done by diet. “The Clear Skin Diet” by Alan C. Logan and Valori Treloar explains how diet can help you get a gorgeous skin. In fact, there are several studies that claim how acne treatment is incomplete without diet changes. There are several nutrients that are essential for balancing hormonal levels.

How acne is affected by what we eat?

Studies after studies have demonstrated that the diet is very important when it comes to managing acne as food that we eat can affect the hormonal level, which can increase the sebum production and cause acne. It has been found that dairy products and high glycemic load foods influence hormonal and inflammatory factors, increasing chances of breakout.

When level of insulin-like growth factor is increased, it leads to changes gene expression that causes inflammation, hormonal changes, increased sebum production, and development of acne lesions. It has been found that protein from dairy increases the level of insulin-like growth factor. Hence, people suffering from acne are advised to ditch dairy products like milk, cheese and butter.

High Glycemic load foods like refined carbohydrates increase blood glucose, leading to excessive insulin levels, which not only contributes to diabetes, heart disease, and several cancers, but is also promotes inflammation and raises IGF-1 levels, which contributes to acne. It has been shown that a low glycemic load diet improves breakouts and reduces acne symptoms.

What can be done?

Research has shown that zinc, carotenoids, and Vitamin E are known to improve acne. You can find carotenoids in green and orange vegetables, while nuts and seeds are rich source of vitamin E. Food can help you get all the nutrients but you cant keep a track whether it is in sufficient concentration or not. Hence, the easier way to get these nutrients in adequate amount is dietary supplements. There are supplements on the market that have been shown to help the body fight acne. You should prefer natural supplements over the chemical ones as they are safer and have low risk of side-effect.

We recommend you to consider Revitol Acnezine for acne management. The treatment pack combines a natural cream and a dietary supplement, which makes it a complete treatment for acne. Acnezine supplement contain Vitamin E Acetate, Vitamin C Ester, Hydrolyzed Collagen, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Hyaluronic Acid, Ubidecarenone Co-Enzyme Q10, Aloe Vera and Bioperine Extract. One capsule a day is enough for optimal results. Revitol Acne Moisturizing Cream contains 5% Benozyl Peroxide that has been proved to reduce acne symptoms. Together the cream and supplement can help get an acne-free skin.

Although the product is completely safe, people with skin sensitive to Benzoyl Peroxide must avoid it. Pregnant and nursing women must consult their doctor before using the treatment. Those who are suffering from any long-standing ailment and are taking medication for that should also consult their doctor before taking the supplement. It is always better to consult your GP beforeing using any product, but there is no need of precrpition for taking this treatment. You can place your order online or buy it from neighborhood pharmacy.