European Cancer Congress , Molmed Sarcoma, New Data On Ngr-htnf

MolMed, new data presented at the European Cancer Congress show a statistically significant increase in survival of patients suffering from soft tissue sarcomas treated with NGR-hTNF.

MolMed S.p.A. (MLM.MI) presented at the European Cancer Congress 2013 (ECCO-ESMO-ESTRO), in Amsterdam (The Netherlands), additional data from an ongoing randomized Phase II study evaluating safety and efficacy of its investigational drug NGR-hTNF on patients suffering from soft tissue sarcomas. Data show the impact of the weekly administration of NGR-hTNF at low doses (0,8g/sqm) in combination with doxorubicin.

Presentation: NGR-hTNF given at low dose or high dose with or without doxorubicin in soft-tissue sarcomas

The new data highlighted a statistically significant doubling of the median survival associated to a favourable tolerability profile. Of particular interest is the evidence that efficacy and tolerability were similar both in patients untreated or resistant to prior treatments.

Claudio Bordignon, Chairman and CEO of MolMed, commented: These additional results from a randomised Phase II study are relevant for two reasons: on the one hand they confirm the previously observed effectiveness of NGR-hTNF in various cancer indications; on the other hand they validate the choice of the weekly schedule of low doses administration, as already demonstrated in the treatment of malignant pleural mesothelioma, currently in Phase III clinical trial.

Randomized Phase II study of NGR-hTNF in soft tissue sarcomas

This four-arm trial was designed to select the best NGR-hTNF regimen for patients with sarcomas. The primary aim of achieving a doubled three-month progression-free rate (40% vs 20%) was met by the combination of low-dose intensified NGR-hTNF (0.8 g/sqm weekly) with doxorubicin, after both the first and the second trial stages.

Preliminary data presented in June at the 49th annual meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) also show that the superiority of this regimen over the other ones in terms of progression-free survival (with a three-fold increased median duration) translated into an analogous advantage in terms of overall survival (with a two-fold increased median time).

About NGR-hTNF

NGR-hTNF is a novel therapeutic agent for solid tumours which displays antitumor activity through its specific binding to blood vessels feeding the tumour mass. NGR-hTNF is being investigated in a large clinical program, including Phase II trials in six indications: colorectal, lung (small-cell and non-small-cell), liver and ovarian cancer, and soft tissue sarcomas and a pivotal Phase III trial in malignant pleural mesothelioma: based on the trial follow-up evolution, results are now expected to be available between December 2013 and January 2014.

About MolMed
MolMed S.p.A. is a biotechnology company focused on research, development and clinical validation of novel anticancer therapies. MolMeds pipeline includes two antitumour therapeutics in clinical development: TK, a cell-based therapy enabling bone marrow transplants from partially compatible donors, in absence of post-transplant immune-suppression, in Phase III in high-risk acute leukaemia; NGR-hTNF, a novel vascular targeting agent, in Phase III in malignant pleural mesothelioma and in Phase II in six more indications: colorectal, lung (small-cell and non-small-cell), liver and ovarian cancer, and soft tissue sarcomas. MolMed also offers top-level expertise in cell and gene therapy to third parties to develop, conduct and validate projects from preclinical to Phase III trials, including scale-up and cGMP production of clinical-grade viral vectors, and manufacturing of patient-specific genetically engineered cells.MolMed is headquartered at the San Raffaele Biomedical Science Park in Milan, Italy. The Companys shares are listed on the main market (MTA) of the Milan Stock Exchange. (Ticker Reuters: MLMD.MI)


How Cancer Patients Use Bodybuilding To Maintain Muscle Mass

Bodybuilders are not removed from the society in which we live, from the realities that ordinary mortals live with, from the fortunes of life and from the miseries in it. Bodybuilders too suffer the colds, the financial strains and the diseases. Despite being hyperactive individuals who are very cautious of their diet, Bodybuilders can and do get cancer. The wheels of fortune may turn the tide, after abuse of steroids, after genetic inheritance of the condition, after smoking for a while before start5ing the Bodybuilding training or for many other reasons, to bring cancer at the feet of an individual.

When that happens, most Bodybuilders fall into the mistake of quitting the Bodybuilding training with remorse. This is not the time to quit; rather, it is time to maintain the body in top form, to fight low immunity with both dieting and regular workouts. It is time to focus on the positive and move on with live as energetically as possible.

Withdrawing from a hitherto active lifestyle of a body builder after a cancerous diagnosis is setting oneself for stress and depression. Wisdom lies in distracting negative thoughts with the Bodybuilding program. One way of overcoming cancer, whichever type of cancer, is by maintaining a positive outlook towards life despite the positive diagnosis. Life must continue and get better even.

If the cancer makes the body weak, eats into the muscles and makes it possible to train with weights, a stationary bicycle will do. Intensity might be brought down to a level the body is comfortable with. But for as long as the body builder is mobile, strong and maybe as sterile as before the diagnosis, then there is every reason to pursue the original objectives of a Bodybuilding program. If cancer was diagnosed in the early or beginning stages of growth, the body builder has a chance to get it out of his or her system by taking medication, surgical removal of cancerous cells and a continued healthy lifestyle. This must be accompanied by proper dieting and of course moderated training even with weights where possible.

Cancer is not the death sentence, rather a threat to health. Bodybuilders who have essentially succeeded to a certain level know of and live with a passionate enthuasism in overcoming challenges and threats. So it is possible to live heartily after the diagnosis and to make the most of the best and the worst eventualities.

If however the diagnosis comes late into the cancerous growth, then complete cure of the condition might not be possible, but there is still a frighting chance. Bodybuilders are fighters in their heart and they can, each one of them, fight the cancer with passion. The dieting becomes even more crucial, exercising moderately and coupling these with appropriate medical attention. It is possible to lift a Bodybuilding trophy, a championship title or win a competitive contest with joy despite having terminal cancer eating at the body. It is possible to build the body to the maximal heights of muscularity and strength while still managing and treating cancer. Yes it is possible, as long as there is a fighting will to conquer the cancer just as the training intensity challenges.

Anyone Can Get Breast Cancer!

Dear Ladies,

Finally, after years of research, a way of eliminating breast cancer has been revealed-

These methods of fighting Breast Cancer are tried and true. They work. Ask any woman who has had breast cancer and tried this program. They will tell you first hand that what I am providing you is an authentic, tried and tested remedy.

Here is a list of reasons why you should use my methods:

To help you cope with your breast cancer as you take steps to get rid of it for good. (Initially, breast cancer may not cause any symptoms. A lump may be too small for you to feel or to cause any unusual changes you can notice on your own). To put in your hand a guide that will teach you how to eat correctly. To put in your hand a guide that will give you the reason and purpose for why you developed breast cancer and what you need to do about it. To teach you the proper way to exercise that will benefit you in the short and long term. To help you develop a body that will be free of breast cancer. If you take my program seriously and do exactly what it says, and apply it to your everyday life, the next time you go to your doctor, you will be pleasantly surprised.

There have been people who took to heart my instructions and found their breast cancer went away within two to three months. Some found relief sooner, depending on the stage the cancer was in.

You may not experience the same results, but if you follow my program closely, you will find your body responding in kind and you’ll begin to feel better, have more energy, and even enjoy physical relationships again..

Your next question will be ‘Why this Guide when there are so many in the Market?’

For one reason, all those books on the market tell you how to deal with breast cancer, not how to get rid of it, or how to prevent it.

After 20 years of research and testing, I found that those who knew the reason they developed breast cancer took steps to educate themselves so they would know how to get rid of it and prevent it from returning.

At that time they applied my methods and found their breast cancer went away in a short period of time, never to return. In some cases, the doctor they went to were amazed by what happened.

Plus, my methods are not found online or in bookstores.

When I came up with the solution that worked, I preserved the original copies so no person could distort or misuse what I had created originally.

During the time I spent with many patients suffering from Breast Cancer I observed that if this deadly disease was not stopped or controlled, it could spread beyond the breast and end up in other areas of the body.

That is when I felt I must do everything in my power to alleviate this suffering.

So Ladies: You are not Alone…….We are Here to Help.

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Learn How To Identify The Signs And Symptoms Of Prostrate Cancer

Prostrate cancer is a type of cancer that effects the Prostrate gland in the male reproductive system. It is the second most common type of cancer found in men as skin cancer is number one. Each year, there are over 186,000 men across our country who are diagnosed with this disease. The symptoms of Prostrate cancer are not noticed during the early stages of the condition. The tests that are used to determine if you have signs of this condition are the PSA test or the rectal examination. A cancer tumor causes the prostrate to enlarge and it starts to push in the urethra and this makes you feel different and causes you to have difficulty urinating.

It is a known fact that as men get older, their Prostrate enlarges and this causes them to have trouble with the urethra and bladder. The majority of Prostrate cancer cases occur in men who are over the age of 75, but it also can effect men at other ages. If you are experiencing any of the symptoms that we have talked about thus far, then you should call your doctor and make an appointment to get yourself checked as early detection is a key factor in fighting this disease.

Signs of this condition include the urge to urinate frequently at night and the urge to go more often, trouble starting and stopping the flow of urine, not being able to go at all, small streams of urine , pain or aches while going and blood in the urine, and pain during ejaculation.

If you feel like you are in the high risk category for developing this disease, then you should call your doctor and setup an appointment with him to discuss your condition so he can schedule some tests for you. A PSA or DRE test can be a great way to detect the cancer at an early stage before it becomes too advanced. On the negative side, these tests can sometimes cause false alarms and they can also detect other cancers that may not be a threat to you.

The bad news on Prostrate cancer is that in most of the cases, the disease cannot be detected until it spreads out beyond the glands as there are no signs and symptoms that can be detected during the early stages of the disease. This is why it is so important for you to undergo a Prostrate specific antigen examination . If cancer is detected, this means that it has already started to spread. Not all cancers grow at the same rate as some grow gradually while others grow more rapidly, so make sure that you discuss this condition with your doctor. The earlier that Prostrate cancer is detected, the more chance you have for a full recovery and a healthy life.

I hope that you found this information useful and if you would like more information on ways to live healthy, then please visit my healthy living web site where you will find great information to help you live a long and healthy life.

Marriage Compatibility Of Cancer And Sagittarius

Wedding bond is considered to be the purest of the bonds in the life of a human being. The bride and groom gets into a life time bond after marriage, which they are bound to follow with all heart and dignity. Marriage is also called as an eternal bond, in which two souls become one and they share each others happy and sad moments. They are meant to be together forever and stand by each other in all the phases of life. Finalising the marriage bond is not an easy decision to take; therefore a lot of research work is done before the bride and groom are tied into a bond. Matching the horoscope compatibility of the bride and the groom is one step, which is considered to be imperative for the life of the married couple. This is in many cases, the first step, which leads to further activities of the wedding ceremony. This is done to ensure the togetherness of the bride and groom for long and that too in a happy mode.

Horoscopes in some cases also act as the mirror image of the behaviour and the overall life of a human being. In Hindu matrimonies, it is considered as a very important step to see that the bride and groom have some common traits with each other. Having common characteristics helps the married couple to live happily and share their experiences and thoughts. When two people have something common to talk about then it becomes easy for them to exchange thoughts and understand each other. But unfortunately, this is not the case with Cancer and Sagittarius. Both of them have a number of things in their personality which are contradictory, which makes it difficult for both of them to gel well with each other.

One of the most common reasons of the clashes between a Cancer and a Sagittarius is that cancer is very much attached to his family, while the archer is not. Sagittarians are more into going out and exploring the outer world, rather than staying home and enjoying the family life like a Cancerian. The marriage match between a cancer and Sagittarius seems to be a difficult one, because cancer wants stability in his life, whereas a Sagittarius loves freedom and loves to roam around. This makes his life partner, the cancer, insecure, and can lead to problems in their married life. A cancer is a very emotional being, very different from a Sagittarius, who is of a detached kind of a person. Sagittarius finds it very tough to express, and cancer loves to express his feelings and expects the same from his life partner.

They both have different philosophies towards life, therefore they need to do lot of efforts to compliment each other. In spite of the differences, cancer and Sagittarius can form a happy marriage bond, if they work towards it. They have to give time to each other, so that they can understand each other and develop a bond, which connects them and they have a mutual feeling of being together. The straight forward attitude of the Sagittarius will help them to resume the relation and have a transparency in their relation. The bride and groom should be clear about their concept towards marriage and how they see their marriage bond growing. A lot depends on the perception and the desires of the person as in what does he want from a relation. For making a relation successful, especially marriage, it is very important to be loyal and forgiving towards the life partner. There are many stages in life, which tests the person on his patience, but to make a bond strong, one needs to look into all aspects and give his hundred percent to add majescticity to the married life.

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Celebrities And Their Fight With Cancer

It is really good news that Yuvraj has recovered from cancer. He is just back from America where his treatment for the lung cancer was going on. He had a cancerous tumor just above the artery of his heart. Cancer is one of the most fatal diseases and thanks to God for Yuvraj, it was detected when it was only at its first stage. According to his father, signs were started showing up about two years before but he didnt take it seriously. He has a family with cancer history and therefore it was even more important for him to go for a regular checkup but he didnt. He went for it only six months back and was diagnosed with an early stage of cancer. We can say that ultimately, he was lucky that he got the check up done and got the treatment at right time, as many celebrities have died of cancer in the recent past.

There are some more celebrities who are fighting with or have defeated the cancer like Yuvraj. Michael Douglas, famous American actor and producer, who has won two Academy Awards and three Golden Globes, was diagnosed with an advance stage of cancer but now his treatment is over. Michael Hall, better known for his television hit, Dexter on Star World, was diagnosed with Hodgkins lymphoma. This type of cancer is curable and now after a successful treatment he is back to his acting career. Martina Navratilova, Czech American tennis player, described her first reaction to news when she was diagnosed of Breast Cancer as her Personal 9/11. Like Yuvraj they all got the check-ups done at right time and therefore got the treatment and survived. Yet we have a good number of celebrities who were not very lucky like these people and died of this fatal disease.

Steve Jobs, an American businessman, designer, inventor and co-founder of Apple Inc. died of respiratory arrest because of metastatic tumor in the year 2011. He was diagnosed with cancer in mid 2004 but he went for alternative treatments instead for removing the tumor immediately and also did not receive the chemotherapy. Jade Goody is another name who died of cancer recently. Jade Goody became a known name after her appearance in Channel 4 reality TV show Big Brother. She was accused of racist bullying against her housemate and Indian actress Shilpa Shetty. She was diagnosed with cervical cancer in the year 2008 and died one year later. Celebrities like Walt Disney and Jesse Owens also had died of lung cancer and there are many more names in the list.

Cancer is curable, only if it is diagnosed at its early stage. It can be treated by chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery. But you are advised to go for a regular checkup and especially when you already have a family history for this disease. BCCI and the all Indian cricket and Yuvrajs fans are breathing a sigh of relief with the return of Yuvraj. We all are now hoping that he will be fit enough to give amazing performance like earlier in the playgrounds soon.

Cancer Daily Horoscope – Free Daily Horoscope

Individuals born under Jun 22 to July 21, occupy the Cancer Zodiac sign which is the fourth astrological sign. The symbol for the Cancer is a crab and its ruling planet is the Moon. According to Cancer Daily Horoscope analysis, cancer personalities have moon as their ruling planet that’s why their birthstone is Moonstone and Pearl, which brings health, wealth, prosperity and happiness in their lives.

Their creative nature leads them to reach heights in any field. The Cancerous are supportive, helping and sympathetic. They can’t say no to help others even if a stranger needs their help, the Cancer people do whatever they can do at their own. On the individual’s dark side, they stick to something or someone like glue and are unable to detach themselves from the same. Moreover, the cancer individuals are very emotional and keep their relationships very good and never let it go. They are very good social and welfare workers in their locality, Perhaps they are moody too as no one can impose anything on them in the work field.

They are easily impressed by those, whom they love and admire and oscillated by the need of the situation. Also, they are honest in friend relationships. The negative side of their faithfulness is being possessiveness towards their partner either right or wrong and closing ranks in suspicion and frostiness towards outsiders.

As per their Cancer Daily Horoscope, they will more involve themselves in getting things and more people will be connected with Cancer personalities at this time as it is the right time to reconnect with some of the people, they used to know. They have been working hard for quite a long time and it is advisable to them that, they should take some rest before starting new things as irregular working hours and improper eating habits could upset their digestive system. Concerning their creative and imaginative nature, they may make changes to their residence. Their creative and intuitive talents will provide them a basis to bring some unique thoughts that would certainly help them to enhance their skills in their job or in business. In addition to this, their job would be more satisfying now and the individuals will be taking the charge that it demands more than ever.

It is possible that the Cancer persons might get gifts from their beloved ones. This period is in great favor for them. They should try utilizing the same with great care and concern for long term pleasure and happiness. Their intellectual level is increasing day by day and they may become a leader at the workplace. As far as their physical level is concerned, it is just 23% so if they are expecting a busy day, they should face it calmly.

The Cancer women may notify some changes in their life style as they can feel depressed and uncertain about the future. They will be excited by an intriguing situation which looks stimulating from an intellectual point of view and very dangerous, if they are caught red handed. Their lucky color is silver so be ready to wear silver ornaments for hearing good news in respect of personal life. Along with this, they should start their new project on Friday.

Truthstar writes for Truthstar that is provide facility to Free Daily Horoscope and to Online Astrology. So please visit our site for online horoscope, astrology online and more.

Skin Cancer In Dogs – The Three Types And How To Treat Them

There are many forms of skin cancer in dogs and they are quite common. They differ from human skin cancer as it is very difficult see them on the skin and any changes that may occur. To determine if the skin cancer is malignant or benign a biopsy, a procedure where a small sample of the cancer cell is removed for pathology testing, is required malignant Small tumors may be totally removed and used for the biopsy.

If the growth is larger, over an inch in diameter, then your vet will take a cell sample by aspiration. This is a simple procedure where they insert a fine needle into the tumor and withdraw a small amount of the cell for further testing.

Skin Papillomas

Skin papillomas on dogs are growths similar to warts which are usually benign and occur on the torso, on the foot pads, and underneath the nails. Canine oral papilloma virus is the usual cause of these lumps, and they tend to be found in older dogs, especially all breeds of Poodle and similar breeds of dogs.

No treatment is usually necessary other than keeping a watchful eye on them. Removal is not required unless they are causing a problem because of their location on the body. Removal should be considered if they bleed or become infected, but this is very uncommon.


A hematoma is a blood clot beneath the skin, caused by a blow or contusion. These are not a skin cancer in dogs. You may need to have large ones drained. Hematomas on the ears requires special attention, please consult with your vet for advice as each case will be different.

If you find a hard mass that looks like bone then it is likely to be calcifying hematoma. They are often found near an old fracture site, and may occur as a lump on the head especially tall dogs who strike their head on the dining room table or other household furniture.

Because they have the potential turn into a canine bone cancer, calcifying hematomas should to be biopsied and possibly removed. Unlike skin cancer in dogs they are difficult to treat and often reoccur.

Epidermal Inclusion Cysts (Sebaceous Cysts)

Another type of skin cancer in dogs is an epidermal inclusion cyst, also known as sebaceous cysts, these are common skin tumors found all over the body. Poodles, Miniature Schnauzers, Spaniels and Terriers are the breeds most often affected. Canine epidermal inclusion cysts form when dry secretions block hair follicles, this causes a build-up of hair and sebum (an oily/greasy matter), which leads to the formation of a cyst.

They are a dome like growth that can vary in size, anything up to an inch and a half but usually smaller. If they become infected drainage is recommended which occasionally leads to a cure. Removal is an option but is very rarely required.

Treatment and Prevention Of Skin Cancer In Dogs

Now that you are aware of the different types of dog skin cancer what should you do next?

1. Check your canine’s body regularly, looking for any signs of tumors or lumps. I usually do it when I bath or groom my dog

2. Ensure your loyal companion has a check up with a veterinarian at least once a year

3. Be mindful of their diet. A good balanced diet will help prevent many ailments and help build up natural immunities to many skin problems and canine cancers.

4. Do research on common illnesses and cancers that occur in your breed of dog

5. Lots of TLC, walks and bonding. It won’t prevent or cure skin cancer in dogs but it will make both of you feel good

Estimating Survival In Metastatic Breast Cancer

In a meta-analysis from Australia, Dr. Kiely and colleagues analyzed first-line chemotherapy randomized controlled trials involving patients with metastatic breast cancer, published between 1999 and 2009. They looked at disease and patient factors, as well as parameters of survival curves including overall survival (OS) and progression-free survival (PFS) from each trial. From each curve, they extracted the following percentiles: 90th (worst case), 75th (lower typical), 25th (upper typical), and 10th (best case). The results showed that the mean median PFS was 7.5 months and mean median OS was 21.5 months, with a ratio of median OS to PFS of approximately 3. Means for each OS scenario were as follows:

Worst case (10th percentile), 6.25 months;
Lower typical (25th percentile), 12 months;
Upper typical (75th percentile), 36 months; and
Best (90th percentile), 56 months.

Simple multiples of the median gave accurate estimates in excess of 95% of the OS curves for all scenarios, except for the worst-case scenario, for which simple multiples of the median gave accurate estimates in 73%.

Estimating survival probabilities for metastatic malignancies is a challenge for physicians. Considering the heterogeneity of disease and patient factors, it is desirable to approximate a potential prognosis not only to inform a patient and her loved ones but also to help guide therapeutic decisions.

This elegant analysis for patients eligible for first-line therapy for metastatic breast cancer likely included patients of a higher performance status and lower tumor burden than the average patient with metastatic breast cancer. In addition, many of the patients who were part of the meta-analysis had not received the community standard adjuvant therapies offered to patients today after initial diagnosis. As such, the estimates for survival from this analysis would likely be higher than we would expect in the average population of patients with metastatic breast cancer presenting in the community today.

Being able to provide this information as well as worst-case, median, and best-case scenarios to patients and their family members is important to help them plan for the future and make choices for treatment and supportive care.

I hope that these and other investigators will work to derive similar information for clinicians to use in other palliative situations such as advanced lung cancer, glioblastoma, advanced pancreatic cancer, and other metastatic situations.

Treating Cancer Naturally

Cancer, the name itself has created a huge fear among the people. Don’t go saying cancer in-front of a patient, it will almost give them a heart attack. Such is the effect it creates all around itself. Cancer is a very serious disease as it is life-consuming or fatal in most of the cases. And it has been 30 years now, that the scientists are looking for a permanent cure of it.

There has been many inventions of ideas processing ways to cure Cancer. A lot of new cancer treatment methods were discovered which gradually lead to various important knowledge, if not complete success, that helped in curing many harmful tumors to a great extent. Countless people believe that there are only 3 main stream treatments options that are available to cure cancer and they are chemotherapy, radiation, and surgeryin fact, many are not cured by using these three therapies. But there are many alternative cancer treatments that are far more superior to conventional treatments. Reason behind that is they have a better track record of curing cancer compared to the previous other methods.

Conventional medicine uses a systematic approach that typically includes surgery followed by radiation and chemotherapy. Hormone and immunotherapy are intended to induce an immune system response. Likewise there are other new cancer treatments available too which helps in curing cancer in natural ways. Southern Medical University Renkang Hospital encourages Sonophotodynamic Therapy (SPDT) among its patients. This therapy is non-toxic in nature and is a full body cancer treatment based on the laws of nature that systematically targets and eliminates the tumors and cancer cells. SPDT operates by combining two techniques together i.e. Photodynamic Therapy and Sonodynamic Therapy.

In Photodynamic Therapy light waves are used to activate photosynthetic agents which could heal the body. We use its advanced approach where it utilizes a proprietary chlorophyll-based photosensitizer to prepare the body’s cancer cells for systemic elimination through a high frequency light wave bed. Whereas Sonodynamic Therapy is an emerging new cancer treatment technology which transmits ultrasound waves through a custom designed bath to activate a specifically-designed photosensitizer. Here the sound waves of SDT undergo a much more effective penetration into the body to attack deeper tumors.

Through these processes, we at Renkang Hospital have been curing cancer patients for almost eight years now and also its one of the most safest alternative cancer treatment techniques available. So don’t just panic when a physician tells you that you got cancer. Its always advised to go for a full body analysis and various other reports to be confirmed of the type of cancer you are affected with and start your treatment as soon as possible. As early detection has proved to be life-saving in numerous cases. If you want to understand more about our different treatments, then visit our website and contact us.

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